Wednesday, 30 April 2014

So what is this soul doing here?

So what is this soul doing here?

image by Loui Jover

written by Bhekumuzi Mdakane 

Not sure yet as to who but I do know that I, for one, am here for a very specific task, one that has made impact within the lives of many and yes you reading this are one of them.

It does not matter if we have met or not physically at all or if we know each other.

Our souls have met and yet of course there are those souls that I am meeting now as they read this.
Firstly I would like to warn those that may be reading this that please do continue.

 “Watch how old your soul is before you follow my legacy for I was born to teach legends and remind those that forgot why they are here”

Who does he think he is? What makes him think that he is here just for the legends and not everyone else? Why should I even bother reading on and where in heaven's name does he get this form of thought?
One would ask that and often I have been asked why I think, say and do all that I do?

However, just to make it clear, I at times don't find the legends they find me, see those that have made it this far by reading on of course are those that have said to themselves, “WAIT! I think this is all about me," and a part of you knows that it is a message for you.

A legend knows when GOD speaks to them and they do not only see the answer from their chosen GOD but from soul sent to them too and finding answers or finally seeing the answers for those that live within their created world.

Those that are blind to the words that come from the soul are often the ones that stopped reading from the title or just by reading the intro.

I may not be the best writer in the universe, yet I do want to share my thoughts so bear with me here.
Please note that even if you read and understand this it does not mean that you too are the legend of which I am here to teach.

A legend is the one that will accept the causes of all that they learn and, yes of course, those that are finally reminded what they are here to do.

There are souls like mine that were born to merely pass on a message to those that are seen as legends and to shape those that will be your legends.

I am no angel, I am an old soul that has come now to shape and build the foundation that was left by more elderly souls that taught those that played a huge role or made an impact within what we call humanity.

Buddha is the first of this whole lot, a soul that laid parts of the foundation that literally revolutionised the world as we see it today or more like all that influences us to create the world we live in today.

A soul once said “the mind is an entity of your thoughts, in other words, you are the result of your thoughts and the world you live is the manifestation of your thoughts,” true that is indeed I must say.

Jesus Christ too was one of the prophets that came to an understanding of or a conclusion of what influences a man to live in a certain way or choose what to believe.

In the end one can either create their own belief or follow what they believe is the right path for them, losing their true purpose along the way as they now live according to another person’s conclusion of what life is.
Jesus said “In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and the word was God”

Now the way I feel and accept what he says there is that he found a way to talk to one soul, he found a world that he could create for the next person to learn from.

His world that he created has influenced a great sum of generations all the way to date, the same way you see your current leaders and influential icons that one looks up to, for they possess a part you that you have lost, ( creating your own world )

What good are you if you’re just here to follow, your body is a vessel that carries your soul and your soul is here to create a better way of life for all, therefor if you follow another soul’s creation, you lose your purpose in finding a much united world for everyone.