Monday, 16 September 2013



by Kayla Heinze

Follow those who make you strong,
And help those who make you weak.
Be a leader for the broken..
And a fighter for the sick.

Go amongst the ones who are alone
For they have no place to go...
Show them the direction they need to go.
Help them to never stay broken..
And reach out to the unspoken!

There are people who need more than just a smile..
They need a prayer and a good acknowledgement of there existence!
Not showing any sign of resistance.
God tells us to love each-other as neighbors
How?? Don't judge for one, because God will judge you
And don't close the door.

You're needed on this world, a meaning that's different from others
Let your light shine! Don't dwell under the covers.
God loves you no matter the troubles you have or are still going though!   

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

By Mathiba Len Molefe

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

I try to rearrange my life but it persists to resist

I try to find a new direction, I aimed and I missed

I try to tell myself the truth but my tongue is atwist

I try to tame my mind but it replies with a fist

I tried and tried to find the line that ties body and soul

But each, it seems, have their own dreams and have their own goals

Time and time again I tried to unify those independent wholes

But one and one make one and one not a two to behold

The truth is you and who you choose to be with may never be

The eyes of blind and tired men you’ll find may never see

The words you curse this earthly scourge which you may never speak

The hurt that purges peace of mind urges vengeance sweet

In time you’ll come to know that those you’re close to, too drift away

And lines that lead you to your calling may too lead you astray

As you sift through endless tomes of notes trying to recollect what may

Or may not spell the end to your suffering, end to your torment, end to disarray

I pray that someday what people say about time healing all comes true

I hope that I cope and set aside this rope till the pain is through

I hope your hand will reach to the depths from which I reach to you

I hope your mind welcomes the lessons that life and time will preach to you

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?


This person I’ve become is my gate to knowing the real me, but will I ever get to know the real me I ask, does any person out there truly know who they are for I am still curious as to who I am.

I think I have the answer but why is it that every  time I think I’ve finally got to it something changes my mind or is it because I don’t trust the voice inside me?

Who am I? I ask this voice says you know who you are but yet you’re too blind to see yourself from within, yes I said with a pause to think of what exactly the voice is trying to say. I look deep into myself trying by all means to find my soulful eyes that see thing that my naked eye can’t see.

As I do so a glance at the mirror I took and wow the thought of me searching within made me look different, I see you the voice said a face for this voice I tried to make out but what I saw was not a stranger, it was one person I had so sadly forgotten

Why, How and When? I asked myself, What did I do that made me forget where I come from who I was and what I really wanted in life

It was indeed a familiar face, it was the young boy I once was and somehow I had let him down I was not the person he wanted to be, I was asking all the wrong questions in search of the wright answer but truly speaking are there ever wright or wrong questions is there even an answer to them all.
Think I am this person but the world sees me as that person one of whom I don’t see, so WHO AM I?


Why do I have to follow this world and believe everything they say, why can’t start my own way of living yes all I know now is because of them but then WHY?

Why can’t I start my own religion and believe in MY OWN GOD, who to say I have to come into this world and choose like everyone out there which way I fall as if it is not enough that they have given me a number then they tell me I must act like a human and not an animal. How dare they, I am an animal.

The voice inside says we are all one yet the world say it all different there are races for some reason although for me, I think they are truly doing that racing to death, separated by the way we look on the outside we have lost our true purpose for inside we are all one and the same.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

South Africa's got style

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane
Sun Goddess, founded in 2000
, is highly successful both locally and globally
Sun Goddess
11 September 2013

Walking along the streets of South Africa, a unique country filled with smiles, I can’t help but love its taste in fashion.

Sun Goddess, founded in 2000, is highly successful both locally and globally. Photo: Sun Goddess
I have begun to realise that while this rainbow nation dresses in a colourful and fashionable manner, we are, above all, very stylish. We have taken the “Western look” and fused it with our traditional sense, bringing new inspiration to the cat walk.

SA Fashion Week happens to be one of the must-see or must-be-part-of kind of event that most designers want to be at.

Fashion is the heart and soul of any individual’s identity. Every corner you take in South Africa will reveal a vibrant new look that is enough to inspire any designer. Our diverse culture is made for all shapes and sizes – literally, for in South Africa we are proud to have curvy women who can pause time with their African beauty.

David Tlale 
Here is where you’ll find people who take pride in what they wear. It is all about what makes you look good. Our fusion works wonders for one reason: we love fashion and we are not afraid to experiment.

We have many trends and designers that have influenced the international market, showcasing our “swag”, as they call it on the streets. Fashion label Sun Goddess was founded in 2000. A highly successful label both locally and globally, their rare and exquisite signature handiwork, fabrics and unique palettes define African luxury.

Designer David Tlale is a man who has made his mark and has showed the true identity of South African style and fashion sense. Tlale is a Play Your Part ambassador, who uses only South African materials in his designs. He recently took part in the 2013 New York Fashion Week.
Other internationally successful labels include Marc and Michael by Marc Glass and Michael Pokroy, Black Coffee by Jacques van der Watt, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, Stoned Cherrie by Nkhensani Nkosi, and Loxion Kulca by Wandi Nzimande and Sechaba Mogale. Just mentioning them makes me wonder want the future holds for our taste, not to mention style.

We have it, we wear it, we are proud of it – and, boy, we make it look good! Inspiring people is our motto.

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SA Fashion Week runs from 3 to 7 October. Visit for more information

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Without You

Without You

by ElegantRose

Memories are resurfacing
Mostly small.
They follow me everywhere
Hot tears fall.

They scar my cheeks
Your loss has blackened my heart.
Bruised, grazed,
Utterly torn about.

Crumbling like ashes
Laughter melts away.
Chained, ravished
I missed your final day.

There's guilt, anger
That scrapes and burns.
Shaken, bewildered
The thoughts in me churn.

Marked, sickened
Hear my agonizing screams.
Pathetic, disgusted
I hide you in my dreams.

Terrified, lost
It's only you I need.
Exhausted, destroyed
Come to me, I plead.

Comatose, bleeding
I silently wonder why.
I sob in erupting anguish
Because you had to die.

Reaching, slipping,
Please, can you come home?
Because when I'm without you,
I'm empty, almost numb.