Tuesday, 20 May 2014

When god speaks to you

When god speaks to you…..

What is it that you would like to hear god say to you? I have often asked myself if I had a moment with god to ask anything that came to my mind, heart or soul, what would it be.

I thought of the deep, funny, awkward, weird, horrifying and well the just out of this world kind of questions.

The unheard voices:

A voice spoke, I turned to look around trying to see or find the person that was talking to me, yet nothing. Everyone seemed to be going on with their daily duties, CRAZY I thought I am and set down silently.

But I could not export the thought that someone or, now that I was losing it, something wanted to talk to me.

This became my moment for the answers, the voices came back, I had now heard the voices more than once and so I thought to myself, due to the technology of today, make sure no one is playing tricks on you, prank style. Lol

Not knowing who it was and not seeing anyone interested, I came to realise that it was all in my head but it felt as though I was talking to another person and it was their turn to speak.

So I took a chance, I thought, let me be that kid who has an imaginary friend and talk to the voice.

So I began to break this feeling of curiosity within me.

Like in the horror movies, hello was the first word from me to the voice, “Hi,” The voice said.

Freaked out, is what I felt but then hello, WAS WHAT I REPLIED and “Hi” the voice said AGAIN.

I welcomed the voice and being human, a chilled breeze of fear ran throughout my body, not knowing what, who or why this was happening,

I said to myself, breath son and accept what you’re feeling, this may feel as though it’s out of your comfort zone; however it is your turn to ask and be answered.

And so I started:

Bheki: “What am I meant to do within this lifetime and who gets to choose what kind of journey ones soul will take?”

The unheard voices: “Firstly, no soul gets to choose a journey, lifetime or the person it wants to be within any adventure, like you, as a human in this life time, your soul is here to learn too you know.”

Bheki: “I find that hard to believe, I feel that my soul is my teacher at times, so what exactly do you mean?”

The unheard Voices: “one year for you as you grow yearly, is one lifetime for your soul, it too has to age. Your soul specifically has unlocked the path between human and spirit,” The voice said

Think of the beginning of all life, notice how much knowledge the human race could have kept if the first of its kind wrote down all that they've learnt and shared it with every generation that came after,” said the voice

The voice continued to say, “Your soul has had time to learn and prepare itself for this lifetime, which it has attracted.

As thoughts create your past, present and future, your souls thinking, or thoughts if I may say, attracts its next life time from what it learns now. A better way of putting it is saying that, your soul learns from feelings rather than actions.”

I caught myself thinking of all that has just been said, trying to see why is it that my soul chose to attract such a life, but then the voice said.

The unheard voices: “Your soul’s is not in this lifetime for growth nor to learn, every time you think you’re learning something, ever notice how you always have a better way of seeing the answer? You are here to remind all life about all its tasks and why it came to be,”

That was it, I was now flowing with questions, I now had a different view and unique questions to ask and so being curious I asked.

Bheki: But what do you mean life and all its tasks?  

Bheki: is life itself a sole spirit?

Bheki: Does this mean that, what we think is life may just be an atom of what life truly is?

Bheki: Is our universe just like a galaxy within something bigger?

Bheki: hello?

Silence it suddenly became, no replies I received, HELLO, I screamed in my head that is……lol and silence was the answer.

That was when I discovered that I was talking to myself and I am about to get of the taxi now, so I might want to stop writing this.

Crazy things that one does, which then lead to finding the answers you seek. Lol.