Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love is me

Love is me
Just one more time I will breathe again there will never be a human like me and that is why I will speak my mind.

There will forever miss me for I am the one that was chosen to speak up, I hold the key to peace, love and happiness. My path is forever going for the end with tears of joy. I am the one.

Just one more time I am going to see the answers you seek and give you the feeling you search for (Love), yes that’s the one there shall never be a day in your life that will go past with you know that I LOVE you for my heart was made for that reason and that reason only.

You have reached your destination so worry no more for I will take over from here, you have found love and it will never leave you, some say never say never but what if I told that this the one moment where you can say NEVER.

The words above come to me like there is something that’s telling me that I am not alone and the more I listen I struggle to remember if someone told me something along those lines or maybe that I read it somewhere but then it hit me I was talking to myself this was me. We all need to let ourselves know that we LOVE ourselves because LOVE IS ME.

Love is me
To know how much you can love we all start by loving who we are well more like the idea of who we think we are as we turn to change or should I say develop into greater beings that who we are today.

Daring to dream of finding who I am is a mission that was and still is made by all those I’ve met. Those I meet and those I am soon to meet. I want to meet the so called bad people and the so called good people, for learning about who I am can merely come from them, not to forget even what we call animals we can learn from them too as humans we are animals too, we breathe the same air, live on one planet and Bleed the same colour.

They we are different but mostly they look at the outside and followed by the inside which to me is not big deal because I do it too, like how else am I supposed to tell who’s who, I do judge because it is how I can tell who I am, I do hide who I am and I don’t know why, I do want the attention because I want everyone to listen to my ideas.

I know what love is and I feel it very day, will no long search for what I have found it so to look farther I shall not

Love is me

Friday, 11 October 2013

Would you die for me?

Would you die for me?

Live in this world, oh God I love this world but truly speaking, is there even someone out there that I would die for. I keep telling myself that I would be the one who fights for a better world and that when time came I would die for anyone but to be honest I am scared.

I don’t know how to go about it because I have all these ideas on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done although I am still scared to carry on I want to live in this world that may seem wrong in other people’s eyes yet for most I know it is the right way to live and that is how we all want to live

How do I get my word out there so that my voice is heard or even better they listen to me, not that I myself have all the answers as I also learn from day to day but enough so that a life at a time is inspired.

I don’t want to change them I would love to give them my idea of what life is in my point of view. If I had to fight for it would I really die for a person knowingly that they will live in a world of peace once I’m going,

Would you die for me?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Progressive house mix: Progressive session 5 by Dj Raspby

Why is it that every time one listens to some of the best melodies this world has to offer life seems to have a meaning and a clear reason as to why we all want to live, although we not yet living to help each other for we are still lost as humans, this is the kind of mix that lets you know that you're not alone, we all have a journey to finding peace, Great work indeed Dj Raspby

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It is with these words I show you a path to your inner being. This is how we start to show each other what life truly is, I will love you no matter how different you are for I am not what anyone expected.

Our  world moves in one direction so let’s face it we are all going towards the same ending and there is indeed no way we can run from this one thing called DEATH for it has turned the good hearts that live and left the minds of the lost.

We have to find a way for this is why we all share the same air, need the same water and bleed the same colour, oh how different we are out ide yet inside we are not similar but we are purely one.
Our organs can be shared and so can our blood yet we still think there is no way we can live as one now, as stupid as we are we keep saying one day, well I for one am tired of hoping for one day, what the hell is wrong with you wake the fuck up and see life for fuck sake this is home to all living and to those who fell unnoticed.

I shall no longer look into your soul and ask again for you know what everyone is here for stop searching for what’s in front of you I mean what is good yes that is what it is and you know that the voice inside that answer that question is right so shut the fuck up and start listening to it who the hell do you think you are coming into this world just to build your life, learn from everyone then die without teaching the next person how to live, the same way or even better than yours.

I must say I am not perfect hell I know I have done what others tell me is wrong and I know there is a part of me that would not like do good deeds but I shall persist until we all see a way that can help us be one for this is our world to love.

I wonder at times, why we live with rules if we know what needs to be done to live as free souls and honestly are we really free we know the meaning of the word be because we created this idea of living which we don’t live.

We have taken freedom from each other and turned our backs heading opposite directions not realising that in the end we will all end up in one place in fact we are in one place and we’ll always be in one place so where the hell do you think you’re going with all that good in you and all those ideas that could help one learn how to live for two.

We have stopped listening to the voices inside and we go out chasing others for answers we hold inside. Stop it, hold your breath for a while and try giving us what you think should be done to correct all that we thought was or is the right way.

We value your answers or questions too so don’t be shy to ask for there is only one way I see going forward and that sharing what our hearts hold close.

How about we just help each other for fuck sakes?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

One of these mornings I will wake up

One of these mornings I will wake up

How many years have I been asleep for, I still do the same things as I've being doing since I was 17 when will life’s alarm go off, lord please help, I am trapped in my own bed time story where there are no problems.

People around me keep saying, I live a glorious life but how can I why do they say such why can’t they see the pain I live with I speak in many ways to make them understand the hurt my soul discovers throughout this journey it choose to live within this lifetime oh lord please it is but just my heart says otherwise.

I want to awake now my world has come to a point of understandable clues towards my dying days or moment whichever comes first.

I have not yet seen the answers but I will open my heart an let my soul see, will guide my mind to a peaceful paradise, I have now seen who I am here to save it is my duty and mission to complete, this battle is mine.

I will not surrender to the strong I will not give up on those who quit, will love those who hate, I will cry the tears of for those who hurt, please lord I say this for you are the only one listen I have said it to the next person but they only just heard me

One of these mornings I will wake up

Mistakes I have made, I must admit but were they really mistakes if they turned me into the person I am today and I believe in this thing called life, in my world life is not what I want nor need, it is the moment in time I seem to be experiencing, at this present time as I lay these words coming from lord knows where?, A part of humanity that one will for ever cherish maybe?

I live a life of greatness one that most want, I know that because everyone wants to be where I am FREE…………FREE to speak my mind holding back is not within  me I seem to make people listen to me why do they think I have all the answers for all their problems

I see my own problems but unlike everyone else who hides theirs I speak up I ask for the help I need for whatever it is that I want see in my world there's no stupid answers nor questions for we all don't know everything and we’ll all die without knowing it all.

I hope that one day I will have some kind of answers to who I am and why I was sent to this world or maybe just maybe why I made the choice of coming to this world, I love the fact that we all looking for the same thing living in one world we are but separated we remain.

This is not your world I is our world, it should not be he or she it should be we, oh boy the day that comes when WE walk with us in mind when one becomes all when life is a journey to help our fellow humans.
One of these mornings I will wake up