Monday, 11 November 2013


by Mathiba Len Molefe

Something’s wrong with this system, twisted morals that rest on the Loral’s of the mislead who in turn mislead the members of their creed and cult form bands of sheep too meek to see they heed the words of the dark at heart and mind.
Too smart to listen and too dumb to talk they turn to echoing the thoughts of people whose findings rest on retrospect and speculation unverified, shaky, flaky foundations crumble when scrutinised by real eyes realising real lies and fallacy preached by phallic rulers.
Too caught up in hording to seek answers for themselves a spell that, truth be told, unbreakable, breakable only by the redefining of your very root. To reach the heavens you must root in hell and roost on thorns impaled. Pale comparisons to the garrisons protecting hearths of soldiers dead is the state of nations lead by headless heads in bed with monetary succubae.
Board not the ship that bares blood on its helm, for it wonders realms fit for scenes in hell’s obscene depiction of the world that isn’t while scything through the truth of the world that is, its living cargo oblivious.
The three Rs of society’s progress, resistance, rebellion, revolution are needed to redefine what times past have given the few at the top standing on the heads of those whose pain and sweaty brows raise them higher.
Why do we accept the injustices that we face day to day and pray for help from the divine indulging in pleasures beyond fathoming? Whilst us the earthly suffer at the hands of the evil overthrowing their “greatest creations”.
The meek’s inheritance is ruin and shame.
In his own image? I fail to imagine He, whose name in vain not used, lounging in squalor or the parlours that our leaders use to dim the minds of those who oppose their codes of modern slavery.
Bravery, brother of chivalry, and father of all freedom is at death’s door at odds with the options of whether to knock or knock down.

A daunting prospect for any driven by two conflicting imperatives.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love is me

Love is me
Just one more time I will breathe again there will never be a human like me and that is why I will speak my mind.

There will forever miss me for I am the one that was chosen to speak up, I hold the key to peace, love and happiness. My path is forever going for the end with tears of joy. I am the one.

Just one more time I am going to see the answers you seek and give you the feeling you search for (Love), yes that’s the one there shall never be a day in your life that will go past with you know that I LOVE you for my heart was made for that reason and that reason only.

You have reached your destination so worry no more for I will take over from here, you have found love and it will never leave you, some say never say never but what if I told that this the one moment where you can say NEVER.

The words above come to me like there is something that’s telling me that I am not alone and the more I listen I struggle to remember if someone told me something along those lines or maybe that I read it somewhere but then it hit me I was talking to myself this was me. We all need to let ourselves know that we LOVE ourselves because LOVE IS ME.

Love is me
To know how much you can love we all start by loving who we are well more like the idea of who we think we are as we turn to change or should I say develop into greater beings that who we are today.

Daring to dream of finding who I am is a mission that was and still is made by all those I’ve met. Those I meet and those I am soon to meet. I want to meet the so called bad people and the so called good people, for learning about who I am can merely come from them, not to forget even what we call animals we can learn from them too as humans we are animals too, we breathe the same air, live on one planet and Bleed the same colour.

They we are different but mostly they look at the outside and followed by the inside which to me is not big deal because I do it too, like how else am I supposed to tell who’s who, I do judge because it is how I can tell who I am, I do hide who I am and I don’t know why, I do want the attention because I want everyone to listen to my ideas.

I know what love is and I feel it very day, will no long search for what I have found it so to look farther I shall not

Love is me

Friday, 11 October 2013

Would you die for me?

Would you die for me?

Live in this world, oh God I love this world but truly speaking, is there even someone out there that I would die for. I keep telling myself that I would be the one who fights for a better world and that when time came I would die for anyone but to be honest I am scared.

I don’t know how to go about it because I have all these ideas on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done although I am still scared to carry on I want to live in this world that may seem wrong in other people’s eyes yet for most I know it is the right way to live and that is how we all want to live

How do I get my word out there so that my voice is heard or even better they listen to me, not that I myself have all the answers as I also learn from day to day but enough so that a life at a time is inspired.

I don’t want to change them I would love to give them my idea of what life is in my point of view. If I had to fight for it would I really die for a person knowingly that they will live in a world of peace once I’m going,

Would you die for me?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Progressive house mix: Progressive session 5 by Dj Raspby

Why is it that every time one listens to some of the best melodies this world has to offer life seems to have a meaning and a clear reason as to why we all want to live, although we not yet living to help each other for we are still lost as humans, this is the kind of mix that lets you know that you're not alone, we all have a journey to finding peace, Great work indeed Dj Raspby

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It is with these words I show you a path to your inner being. This is how we start to show each other what life truly is, I will love you no matter how different you are for I am not what anyone expected.

Our  world moves in one direction so let’s face it we are all going towards the same ending and there is indeed no way we can run from this one thing called DEATH for it has turned the good hearts that live and left the minds of the lost.

We have to find a way for this is why we all share the same air, need the same water and bleed the same colour, oh how different we are out ide yet inside we are not similar but we are purely one.
Our organs can be shared and so can our blood yet we still think there is no way we can live as one now, as stupid as we are we keep saying one day, well I for one am tired of hoping for one day, what the hell is wrong with you wake the fuck up and see life for fuck sake this is home to all living and to those who fell unnoticed.

I shall no longer look into your soul and ask again for you know what everyone is here for stop searching for what’s in front of you I mean what is good yes that is what it is and you know that the voice inside that answer that question is right so shut the fuck up and start listening to it who the hell do you think you are coming into this world just to build your life, learn from everyone then die without teaching the next person how to live, the same way or even better than yours.

I must say I am not perfect hell I know I have done what others tell me is wrong and I know there is a part of me that would not like do good deeds but I shall persist until we all see a way that can help us be one for this is our world to love.

I wonder at times, why we live with rules if we know what needs to be done to live as free souls and honestly are we really free we know the meaning of the word be because we created this idea of living which we don’t live.

We have taken freedom from each other and turned our backs heading opposite directions not realising that in the end we will all end up in one place in fact we are in one place and we’ll always be in one place so where the hell do you think you’re going with all that good in you and all those ideas that could help one learn how to live for two.

We have stopped listening to the voices inside and we go out chasing others for answers we hold inside. Stop it, hold your breath for a while and try giving us what you think should be done to correct all that we thought was or is the right way.

We value your answers or questions too so don’t be shy to ask for there is only one way I see going forward and that sharing what our hearts hold close.

How about we just help each other for fuck sakes?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

One of these mornings I will wake up

One of these mornings I will wake up

How many years have I been asleep for, I still do the same things as I've being doing since I was 17 when will life’s alarm go off, lord please help, I am trapped in my own bed time story where there are no problems.

People around me keep saying, I live a glorious life but how can I why do they say such why can’t they see the pain I live with I speak in many ways to make them understand the hurt my soul discovers throughout this journey it choose to live within this lifetime oh lord please it is but just my heart says otherwise.

I want to awake now my world has come to a point of understandable clues towards my dying days or moment whichever comes first.

I have not yet seen the answers but I will open my heart an let my soul see, will guide my mind to a peaceful paradise, I have now seen who I am here to save it is my duty and mission to complete, this battle is mine.

I will not surrender to the strong I will not give up on those who quit, will love those who hate, I will cry the tears of for those who hurt, please lord I say this for you are the only one listen I have said it to the next person but they only just heard me

One of these mornings I will wake up

Mistakes I have made, I must admit but were they really mistakes if they turned me into the person I am today and I believe in this thing called life, in my world life is not what I want nor need, it is the moment in time I seem to be experiencing, at this present time as I lay these words coming from lord knows where?, A part of humanity that one will for ever cherish maybe?

I live a life of greatness one that most want, I know that because everyone wants to be where I am FREE…………FREE to speak my mind holding back is not within  me I seem to make people listen to me why do they think I have all the answers for all their problems

I see my own problems but unlike everyone else who hides theirs I speak up I ask for the help I need for whatever it is that I want see in my world there's no stupid answers nor questions for we all don't know everything and we’ll all die without knowing it all.

I hope that one day I will have some kind of answers to who I am and why I was sent to this world or maybe just maybe why I made the choice of coming to this world, I love the fact that we all looking for the same thing living in one world we are but separated we remain.

This is not your world I is our world, it should not be he or she it should be we, oh boy the day that comes when WE walk with us in mind when one becomes all when life is a journey to help our fellow humans.
One of these mornings I will wake up

Monday, 16 September 2013



by Kayla Heinze

Follow those who make you strong,
And help those who make you weak.
Be a leader for the broken..
And a fighter for the sick.

Go amongst the ones who are alone
For they have no place to go...
Show them the direction they need to go.
Help them to never stay broken..
And reach out to the unspoken!

There are people who need more than just a smile..
They need a prayer and a good acknowledgement of there existence!
Not showing any sign of resistance.
God tells us to love each-other as neighbors
How?? Don't judge for one, because God will judge you
And don't close the door.

You're needed on this world, a meaning that's different from others
Let your light shine! Don't dwell under the covers.
God loves you no matter the troubles you have or are still going though!   

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

By Mathiba Len Molefe

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

I try to rearrange my life but it persists to resist

I try to find a new direction, I aimed and I missed

I try to tell myself the truth but my tongue is atwist

I try to tame my mind but it replies with a fist

I tried and tried to find the line that ties body and soul

But each, it seems, have their own dreams and have their own goals

Time and time again I tried to unify those independent wholes

But one and one make one and one not a two to behold

The truth is you and who you choose to be with may never be

The eyes of blind and tired men you’ll find may never see

The words you curse this earthly scourge which you may never speak

The hurt that purges peace of mind urges vengeance sweet

In time you’ll come to know that those you’re close to, too drift away

And lines that lead you to your calling may too lead you astray

As you sift through endless tomes of notes trying to recollect what may

Or may not spell the end to your suffering, end to your torment, end to disarray

I pray that someday what people say about time healing all comes true

I hope that I cope and set aside this rope till the pain is through

I hope your hand will reach to the depths from which I reach to you

I hope your mind welcomes the lessons that life and time will preach to you

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?


This person I’ve become is my gate to knowing the real me, but will I ever get to know the real me I ask, does any person out there truly know who they are for I am still curious as to who I am.

I think I have the answer but why is it that every  time I think I’ve finally got to it something changes my mind or is it because I don’t trust the voice inside me?

Who am I? I ask this voice says you know who you are but yet you’re too blind to see yourself from within, yes I said with a pause to think of what exactly the voice is trying to say. I look deep into myself trying by all means to find my soulful eyes that see thing that my naked eye can’t see.

As I do so a glance at the mirror I took and wow the thought of me searching within made me look different, I see you the voice said a face for this voice I tried to make out but what I saw was not a stranger, it was one person I had so sadly forgotten

Why, How and When? I asked myself, What did I do that made me forget where I come from who I was and what I really wanted in life

It was indeed a familiar face, it was the young boy I once was and somehow I had let him down I was not the person he wanted to be, I was asking all the wrong questions in search of the wright answer but truly speaking are there ever wright or wrong questions is there even an answer to them all.
Think I am this person but the world sees me as that person one of whom I don’t see, so WHO AM I?


Why do I have to follow this world and believe everything they say, why can’t start my own way of living yes all I know now is because of them but then WHY?

Why can’t I start my own religion and believe in MY OWN GOD, who to say I have to come into this world and choose like everyone out there which way I fall as if it is not enough that they have given me a number then they tell me I must act like a human and not an animal. How dare they, I am an animal.

The voice inside says we are all one yet the world say it all different there are races for some reason although for me, I think they are truly doing that racing to death, separated by the way we look on the outside we have lost our true purpose for inside we are all one and the same.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

South Africa's got style

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane
Sun Goddess, founded in 2000
, is highly successful both locally and globally
Sun Goddess
11 September 2013

Walking along the streets of South Africa, a unique country filled with smiles, I can’t help but love its taste in fashion.

Sun Goddess, founded in 2000, is highly successful both locally and globally. Photo: Sun Goddess
I have begun to realise that while this rainbow nation dresses in a colourful and fashionable manner, we are, above all, very stylish. We have taken the “Western look” and fused it with our traditional sense, bringing new inspiration to the cat walk.

SA Fashion Week happens to be one of the must-see or must-be-part-of kind of event that most designers want to be at.

Fashion is the heart and soul of any individual’s identity. Every corner you take in South Africa will reveal a vibrant new look that is enough to inspire any designer. Our diverse culture is made for all shapes and sizes – literally, for in South Africa we are proud to have curvy women who can pause time with their African beauty.

David Tlale 
Here is where you’ll find people who take pride in what they wear. It is all about what makes you look good. Our fusion works wonders for one reason: we love fashion and we are not afraid to experiment.

We have many trends and designers that have influenced the international market, showcasing our “swag”, as they call it on the streets. Fashion label Sun Goddess was founded in 2000. A highly successful label both locally and globally, their rare and exquisite signature handiwork, fabrics and unique palettes define African luxury.

Designer David Tlale is a man who has made his mark and has showed the true identity of South African style and fashion sense. Tlale is a Play Your Part ambassador, who uses only South African materials in his designs. He recently took part in the 2013 New York Fashion Week.
Other internationally successful labels include Marc and Michael by Marc Glass and Michael Pokroy, Black Coffee by Jacques van der Watt, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, Stoned Cherrie by Nkhensani Nkosi, and Loxion Kulca by Wandi Nzimande and Sechaba Mogale. Just mentioning them makes me wonder want the future holds for our taste, not to mention style.

We have it, we wear it, we are proud of it – and, boy, we make it look good! Inspiring people is our motto.

Read more on Brand SA congratulates David Tlale
Read more on Media Club: Tlale returns to wow New York
SA Fashion Week runs from 3 to 7 October. Visit for more information

Sourced from

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Without You

Without You

by ElegantRose

Memories are resurfacing
Mostly small.
They follow me everywhere
Hot tears fall.

They scar my cheeks
Your loss has blackened my heart.
Bruised, grazed,
Utterly torn about.

Crumbling like ashes
Laughter melts away.
Chained, ravished
I missed your final day.

There's guilt, anger
That scrapes and burns.
Shaken, bewildered
The thoughts in me churn.

Marked, sickened
Hear my agonizing screams.
Pathetic, disgusted
I hide you in my dreams.

Terrified, lost
It's only you I need.
Exhausted, destroyed
Come to me, I plead.

Comatose, bleeding
I silently wonder why.
I sob in erupting anguish
Because you had to die.

Reaching, slipping,
Please, can you come home?
Because when I'm without you,
I'm empty, almost numb.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Aquastic | Sea of Azov (Original Mix)

Walking down the street one day thinking to myself, what am I not seeing or missing that everyone out there sees and funny how all the answers that came into my wondering soul was nothing

And that was truly it I saw nothing there was no hate that I saw there was no pain that my body felt anymore, I no longer felt hate towards a single soul and for that I became a blind soul.

For now I was blind I then suddenly went deaf I heard no voices curse, a beat that made me move started playing and this was it, I found what I looking for a song that could show me life a song that opened my eyes not to see you again but to see the melodies faulting through the souls that stand in mist of music

Songs like this are the future of spreading the love for they tell a story with no words needed, you this is me listening to this track as I write this words, I may not know where they come from and who will read them but I hope there truly inspire the art of listening to this song because I AM INSPIRED

By the way you as the reader I love you from one human to the other we need to first start with the heart I always say.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dark Shadow of Death

Dark Shadow of Death

by Rohit Sapra

Circles, only circles are here
Circles of confusions
As this darkness represents death.
People come and leave
Then we turn so alone again
This grief hurts.
Everyone else is happy although I am very sad
Sad, so sad I am
That I do not know what to do?
Now, look at me as I am trying to feel the pain
I am letting blood drop from my spirit
I am crying as you take away my existence from me
By capturing my life, with your dirty hands.
As your hands come close to me I begin to feel scared
Since, I do not know that will you hurt or love?
All this darkness is spreading all over me
Are you going to make me wounded or will you end up loving me?
Now this darkness represents death
Blood will be dropping and I will be asking for help
Nobody will help as then I will be killed by the devils
Devils rule this world as God is not helping anymore.
By rohit sapra   

What am I doing to myself?

What am I doing to myself?

And so my journey began and life was what my god gave me, I began to live in a world where I was the victim, no one else, only I 

Like every other human, we all find a way out of things we call these our comfort zones and boy did I find my zone in the worst place, ALCOHOL.

This is a journey I took to forget things, things like being teased, growing up without knowing where your next meal would come from, abuse from not only family but your own community. All I wanted to do was FORGET THE PAIN.

I have and always knew the answers to my problem but it was like something which, until today I cannot explain, was holding me back, there was and at times there still is this big wall I have to break down, I want to know what it is?

Who am I truly fighting in side? I have learned to smile like I am this happy LITTLE BEING that lives a good life, I hide myself from the world that I so very much want to live in. I want to be known by people, leave a legacy for the next person to learn from.

Don’t lie to yourself, yes you the reader of these words, we both want to be heard, seen, and spoken of, for whatever reason you may have. I on the other side want to learn from people I want to do things that I never thought were possible for me to do.

So I saw my life passing by, no one could tell me I was wrong for this voice inside me kept on saying “IT WILL BE OK” so I move on knowing that it was going to be ok and that in due time I’d put that glass down and fix my life. Little did I know that every time it said that, I died a little inside.

“How do you feel?”, this voice said a drink I thought because there was no answer as all I thought of was PAIN as I drink in this local pub I always called my home I would see other people and hate myself for the having problems and somehow when you have them, you think everyone else doesn’t so you hate the fact that you are the only one in this world with problems.

“IT WILL BE OK”, this voice said and funny how that was the only thing that would make me move on to put on that mask with a fake smile, that knight in shining armour suit to protect myself, not realizing that I was in fact building a wall that would be hard for me to demolish.
I gave the world answers to their problems and yet for some reason I could not use them myself, 

“IT WILL BE OK”, the voice said. I soon began to see life like that but I knew that the only way for it to be ok would be for me to have to do something about it.

How thoughts of my upbringing would torment me, the fact that I was born and raised by other family members and every time my MOM came over to see me I hated the fact that I was going to be left behind in this township that turned me into to a careless freak, from transporting weapons from one criminal to the other and then having to start taking drugs at an age where most would not even think of, 6 years is the age I took my first line.

The same year I saw the first person killed in front of me and that as a child I did not care they were not helping me anyway. I was young and this was not last time they stabbed him twice in the chest and at first it all looks like they are playing and then the blood starts to come out, as they fell down to their knees, a look in their fading eyes I gave, shame is what I saw, as though they were telling me that the world they are now leaving is lost.

“IT WILL BE OK” this voice repeated, as everyone else ran and some screaming I stood there looking at this being losing energy and taking their last few breaths, how it did not make sense to me, stand up and go wash the blood off I thought but then movies some time can teach you a thing or two, as soon as I thought of how Chuck Norris did it well kill others, yes I know I was once young too, but seeing a person die on TV and later seeing them on another show I walked away.

As I turned my back I ran home to sit in that empty room where I spoke out loud to myself and hell come to think of it, I was and at time still think I’m crazy.

A part of me he took with him I think, because the next death I saw I just walked the other way not caring and lived on with not a single bit of guilt as to why I did not call for help or go to the police and tell them what I saw.

Still look at death the same way, I recently got into a car accident and later had a seizure, spent a week on a hospital bed and in the first two days I flat lined three times and as I was told of how some white lights and this so called a talk with some God or whatever you have heard from others who have not even been there, They are wrong.

I found that I could not tell the difference from where I was in this other world I was surrounded by those close to me, well those I looked at as people who somehow care for I do not know how to love and lost the art of loving because growing up I was not told, that I was loved.

“I LOVE YOU” three words I never heard throughout my childhood.

This was a place where I wanted to live in, it was a place where I did not feel pain, I hurt was nowhere to be found for I was happy. Every time my chest felt a rush I opened my eyes to hear blurry voices not being able to hear what they were saying I soon came to realize that I was alone in this world no matter how you can talk about family being there for you and some friends being there for you. I am alone and IT WILL NOT BE OK.

Crammarc - Sa Conca (Original Mix)[MKR014]

ONE SOUL AT A TIME I SHALL HEAL THE WHOLE WORLD ONE PIECE AT A TIME I WILL FIX A BROKEN HEART. my name is Bhekumuzi Mdakane and i am human with feelings like you and to love we both can teach each other

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Born and living in Jail

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Born and living in Jail

While every child deserves a happy and healthy environment to start of a journey in this world they are born into, for some children their adventure starts off behind bars due to crimes committed by their mothers.

A forgotten group that many don’t speak of are the children born in jail, Romy Titus a TV and radio journalist, producer and voice artist began her mission of helping children when she discovered in the year 2000 that there are women sentenced during their pregnancy and give birth during their incarceration.

Titus is the Founder and Director of Babies Behind Bars (BBB) based in Johannesburg which she started seven years later in 2007, a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and also happens to be a Non -Profit Organisation (NPO).

 “We’re ‘Babies Behind Bars’ and our mission is to care for children who are born in prisons to incarcerated mothers. The age focus is 0-2 as a child by law may only be with their mothers in prisons up to this age and no older – so to extend the age would be pointless as there are no children older than 2 years in prisons.” Titus says

Babies Behind Bars believes that no baby should start their lives in a cage “Our initiative is to ensure that each prison born baby everywhere in South Africa and Africa have the building blocks to be happy and healthy. We hope to touch the lives of every child subjected to life in prison on the African continent.” Sourced from their website

 “The children need to live a ‘normal’ life even though they find themselves in the worst off circumstances. It would be great is every prison had a play space outdoors dedicated to outside play time, well equipped crèches, a toy library and educational toys to ensure that early childhood development is on track.” Titus said Warm heartedly.

The charity goes to correctional centres throughout South African prisons and beyond the borders in countries such as Namibia and Swaziland giving hope to the mothers who are jailed whilst they are pregnant making sure that their kids receive, warm clothing, nappies, blankets, bottles, toiletries, proper nutrition and toys to play with.

She moves on to say “Making a difference would be our biggest achievement! Every second month we’re able to donate much needed goods to all the prisons we’re affiliated to and to reach this goal in itself with no financial backing is an achievement in itself.”
“Unlocking hope” is a motto BBB lives by and their helping hands assure the babies wellbeing from month in month out during the two year period they spend living in isolation.

 “Day to day, month to month, year to year... At the moment we’ve averaging at about 800 in South Africa and about 20 in Swaziland from our latest in house statistics.” She says
BBB has what they call Drop off and Packing Days where volunteers can drop off any thing that they may want donate and then it moves on to the packing of all the things they received heading straight to the correctional centres throughout the country and the rest of the continent.

“We have monthly themed drives, packing and drop off days which we’re always busy with. Our website houses all initiatives that we’re involved in. Our biggest projects of the year are Mandela Day, Corrections Week and International Day of the Child. We’re currently piecing together our BIG October even in conjunction with the Department of Correctional Services” says Titus

Working closely with shelters or homes such as Ratanang Home for Children with Multiple Disabilities, Rifilwe Project, Jan Nicholson Home and Hospital School Babies Behind Bars brings a new meaning to helping those in need.

However Titus mentions “Our focus is to assist children while they are with their mothers only. This is our purpose and mission. Children exceeding two years have to either leave to stay with a family member who is able to care for the child or they’re placed in homes which the department of Correctional Services and Child welfare handle.

A cry for help is not yet heard for the basic need in storage facilities, office space, disposable Nappies, educational toys, baby toiletries, courier (South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland), baby and toddler toys, food and formula

“We operated in every prison in the country that house mothers and children. We’ve not been fortunate enough to physically visit each and every one of them due to financial constraints but we have visited Upington, Pollsmoor, Johannesburg, Durban, Kroonstad and Oudtshoorn.” Titus says

Knowing that 85% of prison officials have no training in working with children BBB is asking for a helping hand with them currently having a packing day on Saturday 31st August 2013 from 10:00 till 14h00 collecting summer clothing and baby goodies.

“Nappies, food, formula, toiletries and educational toys will be welcome as we gear towards fulfilling every child’s Christmas wish”. Drop off happens Johannesburg between 10am and 11am on Saturday 28th September 2013. These Drop off and Packing Days will go on until 23 November 2013 for more information email

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I Heard Your Voice Today

I Heard Your Voice Today

by Jazmine

I heard your voice today.
It was absolutely perfect as always
I felt weightless
Like I was hanging from a cloud
In a different place than here.
The way a light sparked inside of me again
When all these days I've felt is sadness
It was beautiful.
It didn't last long though
That was the last time I will hear your voice
For maybe months to come
It just reminded me
Don't take what you have for granted.
"You sound different, I guess it's because I haven't talked to you in so long"
That choked me up inside
It's true
It's felt like forever.
The sad thing is though
We won't speak to each other
For 10x longer.
I miss you so much
It's killed me every day
& even caused me to relapse
Because I just couldn't fight it for another day.
I promise
I will be stronger after this
Anything for you.   

Midnight In Heaven's Rome

Midnight In Heaven's Rome

by Baby Rainbow

My eyes are dazzled by the
enchanting scenery that now surrounds me.
The dark sky is tinselled with silver stars
and the glowing moon lights up our
midnight in Heaven's Rome.

Oh to feel your warm embrace
just takes my breath away.
The soft clouds beneath our feet
is the sand on our beautiful heaven.

I became so tired of running away
from my inept display of trying
to let you go. My life felt like
an empty hole that swallowed me up
as soon as you were gone.

Are you aware that I visit you often
inside my dreams? We share these
magical moments that connect our
hearts together, just like they
were meant to be.

But as you lean in to press your lips
gently against mine, I am woken
by the screams of next door
which take me on the short journey
back to reality:

The reality of having to let go
of what we used to have,
and what will never be.



“Eish” if only you knew my world

“Eish” if only you knew my world

A rainbow nation we are and South Africa (SA) paints a picture of humanity, with the people from all over having one common thing they possess, a friendly smile that welcomes you. With eleven languages that come with a wide variety of culture, this nation will surely give you an understanding of unity.

When walking through the streets of this beautifully breathe taking country, a path that most people should think of doing or writing it down in their bucket list you say “hi” and the first thing you get is a warm welcoming smile, the kind that helps you feel at home not matter where you are.

I was born in a time where “The Long To Freedom” was still taking baby steps and people where now free to move around and live anywhere they please, well that’s if they could afford it… hahaha “eish”

“Eish” for those who don’t know is a local phrase used by mainly our citizens to express either a moment when they make a mistake, when they see something amazing, or when they remember something and at times even when they can’t remember  it “eish” (where am I going with this) cliché I know…..

During my up bring I had the chance to live with Emma (biological mom) who happened to be a single parent raising three kids Lucky (sister) and Simon (brother), but good lord she fought hard, giving up her dream of becoming a Doctor to being a Domestic worker or Helper if that makes you comfortable.

Mr and Mrs Newby, Mark (dad) and Pia (mom2)…. “eish” ….. My sister and I had the chance to grow in a world where we were blind to race and deaf discrimination against it.

Life to me was and still is a learning process like any other human hence we all learn until we take our last breath. “Eish” hopefully that is not anytime soon

South Africa to me is one of the most unique countries in the world and I am proud to call it my home, I was given a chance to go to schools that most would call posh and got to live and work with people from different walks of life.

I feel in many ways that I as a person who speaks fluent English, SeSotho and although my Zulu slightly stumbles now and then “eish”,that I have a greater view of the new South Africa and as to what needs to be changed.

Living in a land that has everyone smiling back at you and although they don’t have much they are willing to share their last slice of bread with you just so that we can both live and build a brighter future together, has made me wonder why humans say “ put yourself first”

Yes you find those who do but in this country the focus is being friendly, we live as a family and like any house hold we don’t agree in a number of things, we are a growing nation, hence it has only been 19-years since the advent of the democratic dispensation in South Africa.

Our history roars with miss understandings and the mistakes every human make thinking that it is the only way of saving the world or merely for some, it is the greed they can’t seem to let go of, “eish” what a moment it was during those time I’m sure.
We still need help like any other but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are moving forward at a fast pace. “Eish” Let’s face it every country has its own political problems and yes we do too but my country is made to believe in Ubuntu (a Zulu word meaning Humanity)

We have a common father of whom we call Tata (Xhosa for dad or Father) or as some call him Madiba and the rest of the world, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, he is loved by many, oh yes he is loved by many, he is the one man I can live to talk to people about and teach anyone who wants to know more of how a soul gave up his life to help better the future of a nation that was once lost.

Mandela gave a nation answers as to how we can share this mother land, how we can live together and welcome those who want to help correct the misunderstandings that not only South Africa but the world is facing till this day, “A Long Walk To Freedom” he calls it and on behalf of humanity “THANK YOU TATA” Eish what a good soul he has I must say.

Leaning more than a person who lived in an area surrounded by one race, it has never made sense to me as to why some people saw things differently, like say why a child my age would have the same mentality as my biological mother,a cultural mind set, where everything said is taken literally the way you said it, jokes aside but “eish” it turns to be funny at times.

Although we now have most of the youth, well as we call them “Born Frees” moving and shaping this country into is welcoming and eager to learn more from each other type of thing “eish”

In today’s world whether it may be first, second or third, South Africa is there flying our rainbow coloured flag high and mighty, we still need to educate more within the not so fortunate areas but hey wealthier countries have those too.

The problem with being me ( the finished piece)

by Mathiba Len Molefe

Under Siege

The problem with being me is that I can’t do you
The problem with you is that you found someone new
The problem with new is you not sure he’ll come through
The problem with new is he may have someone too
That someone too might have a few niggas who
Expect to be the only one but only one might not do
If it don’t then the circle went and exponentially grew
To holding so many from once holding so few
I must admit it’s always awesome when it’s new
But the problem with new is if that someone new isn’t you
If it isn’t you, you may begin to wonder who
But you can’t wonder who if in truth you never knew

Friday, 2 August 2013

Where I am Forgotten

Where I am Forgotten

by Real Meaning

Some thing is lost in my soul.
Something French something more divine than wine.
Something more refined than fine.
Something so seemingly insignificant
Lost in an allies of a feeling, a trace of touch
Something in the soil of France that "Sadegh Hedayt" kissed
Something like a spark, a French poetry in the dry hays of souls
The whisper of Eluard in
the ear of air
The caresses of his words
on the skin of my beauty
Something like "Jean Valjean" in the dungeon
Something that I would never forget
because it is me
Where I am forgotten

You Don't Even Know

You Don't Even Know

by Bailey

Boy, you're the highlight of my day,
My heart quickens when I see your name,
My lungs seem to stop working when you say mine,
You drive me insane.

You always say you'll protect me from anything,
Even though you're so far away,
You wouldn't even hesitate,
To do anything for me, any day.

It seems like you really like me,
But you say you don't know,
And get really irritated,
Then say you want to be left alone.

You ignore me for a few days,
But forgive me after awhile,
We pick up where we left off,
And make each other smile.

You came into my life,
Not too long ago,
We have formed an unbreakable bond,
And Boy... you don't even know...   

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Devil's Promise

The Devil's Promise

by Lemon

Have you ever loved someone so much
That you'd do anything for them?
When my heart took to pacing these cold, stone corridors
The day I lost you
I knew I'd do anything
Literally anything

To save you
So I gave up

Now you walk free
Whilst I am in manacles
Chained to a place between existence and nothingness
A puppet for the man downstairs
Kept away from the sun
Every day is torture, yet somehow
This suffering is worth it, knowing you have another chance at life
Whatever hardship I must bear,
The Devil kept his promise   

The Warriors Song

The Warriors Song

by Aaron D BOAL

To war we go again,
Deep in the enemies land we begin,
To cast a blow to our foes,
Indeed let us begin!
A war inside each man is bread,
To start the war for bloodshed,
O'! Erring one who has sinned!
To war let us begin!
To wage the battle,
Oh Lord let us begin.

To strike the foe we must mend,
A hero so bold as sin.
Man no more let us begin!
Oh soldier of war let us begin.
Where boys become men,
Friends lost to ones own spear,
Dropped in battle out of fear.
Oh behold the quaking fear!
Let the soldiers carry home wounds too deep to bear.
Beat the shields and call the forces square,
Let us end the night today and pray,
For on the 'morrow we will all be chosen,
To meet our Lord in the heavens.

(supposed to be a warriors song which to carry into battle)

copyright) Aaron D. 7.27.13

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Your Feelings

Your Feelings

by Joe Davila

Your Feelings

I cant see and understand how you are the way you act
Unsolved mysteries cant solve this lie and turn into a fact
Fact that you and me no longer exists
In this memory that faded with a kiss
A kiss that was just a lethal as poison itself
Destroyed all my emotions, feelings were left to melt
Melt into a lake of solitude in silence with no disturbance
Alone wondering around lost with no current
Still you sit there and have not a care in the world about it
I raise above mountains for your love, with no intentions to quit
I split oceans so there is nothing to stop me from being with you
Cause I cant control these feeling I have that are so true
Doesn't matter what I do, say or even show
Cause your gonna be you and we will never grow
You will throw fire of rages beyond what your heart can control
And yet I will set there and burn in the cold
I sit in the rain struggling in pain lost without nothing to gain
While your out there living the life and not caring how your driving me insane
I am the blue skies, while your the dark clouds trying to cover me
Cause of your cold heart that's how you have to be
I sometimes feel I wish I was blind so I cant see the anger
I also wish I cant hear so I wont hear the hurt from a stranger
But I guess I will never understand why love plays a funny part in life
It brings joy and happiness and at the sametime destroys emotions out of sight.

BY Joe Davila   

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned. – THE FACE OF MDK

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Fairytale's Illusion

My Fairytale's Illusion

by TinyDancer46

A heart he stole away from me
Right from my bleeding chest
And through the wounds, I gave him love
For he deserved the best

A treasure I held in my hands
That promised he would stay
My prince I had now, finally
He'd never go away...

But through the stormy weather
With the lies I failed to see
My prince had found a princess
And he loved her more than me...

Yet I couldn't see the damage
Through the dark storm, I was blind
Conceived by what I dreamed for,
Love was perfect in my mind...

Till one day, lightening struck me
My prince left without a trace
My broken heart screamed out his name
While tears poured down my face

Now I'm crying on this wooden floor
Wishing then I knew
That fairy-tales are make-believe
And dreams do not come true

The Stolen Heart

The Stolen Heart

by Adreamer

There is a crook among us,
I will give u a clue,
She does not cause,
She loves the colors green and blue.

If u cannot guess I will say who,
She goes by the name of a dreamer,
What she says I will do,
Her words move me like wind does a streamer.

I'm glad she stole my heart,
It has brought me great joy,
She was very sneaky and smart,
She is like a cat and I'm like a toy.

I like my heart to rest in her hands,
Always being very funny,
It seems we may be from different lands,
Sometimes she reminds me of an innocent bunny.

Yet again written by my friend Rick and he asked me to post it for him.   

How To Hold A Ghost's Hand

How To Hold A Ghost's Hand

by Bailey

You couldn't handle life,
So you ended yours,
Now you're six feet underground,
And walking through Hell's doors.

Your ghost still haunts me,
And sometimes I reach out,
But my hand passes right through,
So I go to my room and pout.

I long for you touch,
I long to hold your hand,
Just one last time,
But it's like I am banned.

They say I'll move on,
That I'll be okay,
But I know that isn't true,
So I'll be joining you today.

I take a deep breath to steady myself,
And I swallow half a bottle of pills,
I start to get dizzy,
The bottle drops and spills.

Darkness swallows me whole,
Then I see you in front of me,
I take your hand,
And finally feel free...   

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Foot Soldiers (Dispensables)

by Mathiba Len Molefe

The Foot Soldiers (Dispensables)

Every movement has it’s leader, one who stands at its helm and delegates to his underlings or subordinates. Be it a ship on the ocean or a platoon on the plains, we all have leaders. Leaders whose lives are at little risk when they opt to stay back and let those whose lives are but mere statistics face the heat of the incendiary thrown into the fray.
Battle scarred these men return to their superiors carrying on their backs the spoils of war so that they may be enjoyed by those who lay in the lap of luxury and pay little mind to those who meet their ends in the chaos and anarchy of war. Theirs are the names that are remembered by none other than their widowed wives and children fatherless.
Serve us well they say, lay your lives down so that we, the rich and pampered may progress into the new world, and we shall pay homage to thee. Go face the angel of death, and those of you who survive will be granted the chance to face him again and exact vengeance on him in the name of your fallen brothers. Bring us glory and we shall give you nothing in return, nothing but the scraps that fall from our tables as we dine on the delights that are fit only for those with titles that demand acknowledgement.
These are our leaders, men who walk through squalor in disgust and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the people that they pledged to protect with their lives. The smell turns my stomach, who can live in such appalling conditions but the people we serve and protect, the people who gave us the power we abuse.
This description fits none other than the people who lead us, lead us into ruin so that their own pockets can swell with notes tainted by the blood of those sacrificed for the good of the no good. This is my country and I shall use it as I see fit.