Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Your Feelings

Your Feelings

by Joe Davila

Your Feelings

I cant see and understand how you are the way you act
Unsolved mysteries cant solve this lie and turn into a fact
Fact that you and me no longer exists
In this memory that faded with a kiss
A kiss that was just a lethal as poison itself
Destroyed all my emotions, feelings were left to melt
Melt into a lake of solitude in silence with no disturbance
Alone wondering around lost with no current
Still you sit there and have not a care in the world about it
I raise above mountains for your love, with no intentions to quit
I split oceans so there is nothing to stop me from being with you
Cause I cant control these feeling I have that are so true
Doesn't matter what I do, say or even show
Cause your gonna be you and we will never grow
You will throw fire of rages beyond what your heart can control
And yet I will set there and burn in the cold
I sit in the rain struggling in pain lost without nothing to gain
While your out there living the life and not caring how your driving me insane
I am the blue skies, while your the dark clouds trying to cover me
Cause of your cold heart that's how you have to be
I sometimes feel I wish I was blind so I cant see the anger
I also wish I cant hear so I wont hear the hurt from a stranger
But I guess I will never understand why love plays a funny part in life
It brings joy and happiness and at the sametime destroys emotions out of sight.

BY Joe Davila   

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned. – THE FACE OF MDK

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Fairytale's Illusion

My Fairytale's Illusion

by TinyDancer46

A heart he stole away from me
Right from my bleeding chest
And through the wounds, I gave him love
For he deserved the best

A treasure I held in my hands
That promised he would stay
My prince I had now, finally
He'd never go away...

But through the stormy weather
With the lies I failed to see
My prince had found a princess
And he loved her more than me...

Yet I couldn't see the damage
Through the dark storm, I was blind
Conceived by what I dreamed for,
Love was perfect in my mind...

Till one day, lightening struck me
My prince left without a trace
My broken heart screamed out his name
While tears poured down my face

Now I'm crying on this wooden floor
Wishing then I knew
That fairy-tales are make-believe
And dreams do not come true

The Stolen Heart

The Stolen Heart

by Adreamer

There is a crook among us,
I will give u a clue,
She does not cause,
She loves the colors green and blue.

If u cannot guess I will say who,
She goes by the name of a dreamer,
What she says I will do,
Her words move me like wind does a streamer.

I'm glad she stole my heart,
It has brought me great joy,
She was very sneaky and smart,
She is like a cat and I'm like a toy.

I like my heart to rest in her hands,
Always being very funny,
It seems we may be from different lands,
Sometimes she reminds me of an innocent bunny.

Yet again written by my friend Rick and he asked me to post it for him.   

How To Hold A Ghost's Hand

How To Hold A Ghost's Hand

by Bailey

You couldn't handle life,
So you ended yours,
Now you're six feet underground,
And walking through Hell's doors.

Your ghost still haunts me,
And sometimes I reach out,
But my hand passes right through,
So I go to my room and pout.

I long for you touch,
I long to hold your hand,
Just one last time,
But it's like I am banned.

They say I'll move on,
That I'll be okay,
But I know that isn't true,
So I'll be joining you today.

I take a deep breath to steady myself,
And I swallow half a bottle of pills,
I start to get dizzy,
The bottle drops and spills.

Darkness swallows me whole,
Then I see you in front of me,
I take your hand,
And finally feel free...   

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Foot Soldiers (Dispensables)

by Mathiba Len Molefe

The Foot Soldiers (Dispensables)

Every movement has it’s leader, one who stands at its helm and delegates to his underlings or subordinates. Be it a ship on the ocean or a platoon on the plains, we all have leaders. Leaders whose lives are at little risk when they opt to stay back and let those whose lives are but mere statistics face the heat of the incendiary thrown into the fray.
Battle scarred these men return to their superiors carrying on their backs the spoils of war so that they may be enjoyed by those who lay in the lap of luxury and pay little mind to those who meet their ends in the chaos and anarchy of war. Theirs are the names that are remembered by none other than their widowed wives and children fatherless.
Serve us well they say, lay your lives down so that we, the rich and pampered may progress into the new world, and we shall pay homage to thee. Go face the angel of death, and those of you who survive will be granted the chance to face him again and exact vengeance on him in the name of your fallen brothers. Bring us glory and we shall give you nothing in return, nothing but the scraps that fall from our tables as we dine on the delights that are fit only for those with titles that demand acknowledgement.
These are our leaders, men who walk through squalor in disgust and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the people that they pledged to protect with their lives. The smell turns my stomach, who can live in such appalling conditions but the people we serve and protect, the people who gave us the power we abuse.
This description fits none other than the people who lead us, lead us into ruin so that their own pockets can swell with notes tainted by the blood of those sacrificed for the good of the no good. This is my country and I shall use it as I see fit.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Journey of Self Discovery

By Mathiba Len Molefe

Journey of Self Discovery

Everything I see seems to hold some untold significance in my life, be it pivotal or negligible I know not, but as I try piece together the pieces of the broken image that is said to so accurately illustrate my life, it dawns on me that those fragments that I donned unnecessary to recollect, in their absence, leave a gaping hole that so often spells misfortune. If only I had chosen to see their importance, then hindsight would not be such a painful experience. Often these seemingly unnecessary parts of what we perceive go unnoticed or are simply put aside and seldom do we attempt to see things at more than just face value. Seldom do we opt to venture into the murky waters of the unknown, instead we postulate and speculate as to what could be and don’t strive to discover what is. We base our perceptions on what was or was thought to be it but don’t take into consideration the possibility that what our predecessors tell us is fact may only be opinion or their own unclear or misguided perception. One cannot sum up the impact that certain events have on certain people if they themselves have not tread that same winding road but have knowledge only of the beginning and the end and no knowledge of what lies between these two points. Take for granted the fact that just going to it can never amount to going through it. One must live his lessons to the fullest instead of trying to leave them behind as you move on only to circle back time and time again to where that lesson beckons.

Ramblings of the Self-Conscious

I have views, views that I so seldom express, views that I supress unless I’m given reason to or put under duress, views that are viewed as abrasive, invasive and often not very persuasive, I have no reason to fear letting them hear what I see, how I see and I see why. Yet I do. Branded by the hot iron of society as a misfit, unfit to rub shoulders with the social elite. I fear that in my quest to fit in I lose myself, engulfed by the garb and mannerism that feel so alien to me, yet my façade projects an image of comfort to protect me from those prying and scrutinising eyes that look to uncover the lies that hide my true guise, squeezed into the uncomfortable dimensions that are the norms that dictate swag from whack, fact from smack spoken by those in the public eye who claim to lead lives that are way beyond their means. Depicted as unreal is the real, spoken as truth is the fabrication of truth. The twisting of words builds tension within the speaker’s own tongue as it intertwines with the lashings that hold your true essence down. Your own mind leads you in a direction that your soul wishes not to follow. Torn between the two of you, the two versions of you squabbling and bickering over matters of little importance and impotence. Truly pivotal decisions cast aside for a time where it will be too late, when fate becomes irate and cast you aside in the same manner. I wonder while I wander through squalor and remains of squandered opportunities. I follow the beaten path knowing not whether beat by feet of slaves headed to their graves or by the fortified souls of boots worn by conquerors in haste to lay waste to any they come across. Mindless ramblings….?

What is friendship?

ДружбаEach of us has pondered over the question “What Is friendship?” Friendship is, first of all, unselfish relations. They are based on trust, sincerity, love and mutual sympathy. Another key to a strong friendship are mutual interests and hobbies.
But what is true friendship? The majority of people who consider to be our friends are really just our acquaintances. These are the people that we single out in the society surrounding us. We know about their cares and problems, and sometimes we come to them for help or gladly help them in difficult times. It would seem that these are excellent relations, but complete honesty is still not present. We don’t en trust them our innermost thoughts. If we’re successful they aren’t as happy for us as they are for themselves. But can this be called true friendship?
The status of friendship can be attributed only to honest and open relations, when they include a mutual feeling of kindness and readiness to selflessly help at any minute. Intimacy is also considered to be quite important in friendship.
As with love and the meaning of life, you can talk about friendship without end… You can observe it, but few of us get to experience it. A true friend allows us to accept the person as he is, without trying to adjust him to himself.
In order to live happily a person needs true friendship that would be based on respect and reliability of each other.
I would also like to point out the fallacy of those who say that friendship that existed in the past no longer exists in the modern world. The world will always be full of people who will constantly bring us joy.Value your friends, they’re wonderful people! They will be by your side throughout your whole life!
The main thing is to remember that if you want to have a true friend, you too need to treat him with love and sincerity.

You need to see the world in order to change it.

Travels and journeys allow you to explore the world
                                                                             You need to see the world in order to change it.
Will Traveler
There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than traveling to different cities and countries, studying the culture of other peoples, delving into their customs and morals. Each country is wonderful in its own way because it offers something unique to see. Our world is the most incredible of all creations. To be able to explore it is an incredible happiness.  Traveling the world makes us unbelievably rich because we get the opportunity of seeing the beauty of our planet. In addition to this it grants a sense of freedom. This feeling becomes a powerful factor that sets our emotions and thoughts free. It’s no wonder these travels lead a person to the most interesting and non-standard ideas. Traveling carries in itself a new vision of the world that excites us and evokes a desire to create. Another important stimulus to go traveling around the world is the chance of discovering the world, which means discovering yourself.  It’s a unique opportunity of comprehending existence through the surrounding space. Thus we broaden our mind.
Besides this journeys are good for your health! You protect your nerves because you’re not standing in traffic for countless hours, worrying that you’re late for work or an important meeting. Going on an outdoor vacation or to some kind of resort lets you take a break from harmful carbon monoxide and products filled with preservatives and low-quality nitrates. You can go, for example, to India or Sri Lanka and order a cycle of spa-procedures, or undergo a treatment course in a foreign clinic under the supervision of experienced specialists for a minimum sum of money.
People also travel in order to see landmarks and works of art, try unusual delicious national meals and dine in the finest restaurants where the most famous chefs are working.
Traveling makes us happier because it fills our life with knowledge. By possessing this knowledge we become a harmonious person that can solve even the hardest task.

Kindness fills life with meaning

When kind people are involved in charity they are filled with emotions and can’t contain their tears of happiness. It’s a truly extraordinary happiness when a person is doing such deeds.
Kindness fills life with meaning
Helping the needy in any way is a big happiness. When kind people are involved in charity they are filled with emotions and can’t contain their tears of happiness. It’s a truly extraordinary happiness when a person is doing such deeds.
First of all, he receives incredible pleasure from doing what he feels he needs to be doing at this moment. Secondly, he’s happy because he has the ability to do it.
Kindness – receptiveness, heartfelt goodwill to others, the desire to do good for others. This is something that’s done voluntarily, unselfishly, for the common good. It’s the light of the soul that illuminates the space around a person brighter than the most powerful flashlight. It’s empathy with the people around you and a wish for the welfare of everyone.
In order to be kind you need to feel love and joy for everything, and see only good things in people. If you’re not successful at it, you need to learn to do it and try to correct yourself. If you noticed something bad in a person, then you need to try and justify it, so as to be able in the end to have a positive attitude towards people. Generally speaking about kindness, it’s something that life is based upon, because without kindness there would be no peace on earth, no friendship, no friends or anything else we hold dear. This begs the conclusion that showing kindness is one of man’s main necessities. We often imagine helping another person when we think about charity. It’s impossible to be completely happy when there are so many unfortunate souls around you.
Don’t hesitate to show kindness and then your life will become filled with meaning. There are a lot of people that need your help.
The growth of your social life’s level and the feeling of personal satisfaction can and should be obtained by helping others. This leads to the increasing of the person’s self-appraisal and the respect others show towards him, while also improving conditions for self-realization.
How does charity influence happiness? You can become truly happy only when you’re able to make another person happy. If you have the opportunity of doing a good deed, be sure to do it. Without kindness there is no love, and without love happiness is impossible, for they are links of a single chain.
If only every capable of helping person would do so for those who need it… then we wouldn’t have neither receiving homes, nor retirement homes, nor children’s homes. Just imagine how many people could benefit from this help! How many people would become happy because of this.
I’ll let you in on a secret. True happiness comes only when a person is making others happy,. Charity is the best way to do it. It makes you and those you help happy!

Living in the moment

By Musa Maud Motso Mkalipi
Living in the moment
In my twenty four years of existence I would like to think that I am a step closer to being the person that I have always wanted to be.
Born and raised in the Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth, to Xoliswa and Mphumeleli Mkalipi I did not have much when I was growing up but my parents ensured that I had all that I needed and that was alright with me. One could describe my journey of growing up as one that was not easy however through all the hurdles I have come across, I am grateful to have the family that I have as without them I would not be a working journalist. I am a step closer to making my mark in the media industry.
The best moments of my existence did not just happen in one event but have spanned over periods of months. I live the best moments of my life each and every day that I wake up.
Currently working as an online journalist at Big Media Publishers, my time here has opened my eyes to a world that I previously never new about. My thoughts of being a journalist before studying in the field was that all journalists had the most easiest job of just searching for gossip and news that does not somehow make a difference in anyone’s life.
It was only after I decided to put aside that stereotype did I further feed my knowledge of what it really means to be a good writer. I also learned that being a journalist requires not a one track mind. It requires versatility, hunger to learn and knowledge of everything around you. Being a journalist is not simply putting pen to paper. Most people want to instinctively tell others what they know and what they have been through. Journalism has allowed me to do just that and has managed to broaden my ways of thinking as well as behave.
Being chosen as an intern here came at a time where I was starting to wonder if I was even good enough. I had sent so many applications to so many news agencies but it all seemed in vain. Once I was called for the interview (after numerous attempts). I realised that it was up to me to make an impression. Being hired was probably one of the most exhilarating moments I have ever had. I realised that this would be my time to shine and that things will only get better from now onwards.
I moved to Pretoria in 2007 where I then enrolled in the Tshwane University of Technology. At the time journalism was just a second option to the course I wanted to do. After just a few weeks of enrolling the course I realised that there was absolutely nothing else in this world that I would rather be doing.
Through the few months that I have spent at Big Media, I have learned so much more than I thought I ever would. I have travelled and met people from different walks of life, from the high and mighty bourgeoisie to those living off just their basic necessities. Journalism has aroused my curiosity of understanding how the world and the people living in it work.
I recently travelled to my home province where I was tasked to profile schools in disadvantaged areas. Upon my arrival I saw a whole new side of the place that I never knew existed. As I spoke to some of the students in these schools my heart was in limber.
These students had little means to get by and yet their dedication to their education kept them going. Suddenly the daily complaints I had everyday about my shower water being too cold or walking to work for thirty minutes seemed meaningless. These were people who walk to school for hours on end just so they can better their future existence. Working as a journalist has removed me from my shell, made me less oblivious to many things. There is no greater feeling than talking and meeting people who have stories to tell. Stories that might seem futile to them but in turn become an inspiration to the rest of the world.
I have been fortunate to work with a team that has been in the journalism field for decades on end. Through their wisdom and knowledge, they work every day to groom me in order to reach my full potential.  Through the people I have interviewed I have learned that even people in situations that seem hopeless are able to motivate me and push me beyond my limits.

My parents have been supportive in all that I do. They encourage me every day to live by the “you reap what you sow” statement. It is a cliché line however one that speaks the truth. Nothing was ever achieved through laziness and procrastinating. Your future begins now so one needs to make the most of it. Working and working some more is the way to go! My parents have been my role models my pillars of strength and my inspiration and I try to emulate them in all that I do.

How you see you your second half

                           To love is to find pleasure
in the happiness of others.
                                                                                                                                    Gottfried Leibniz
 It’s regrettable that most people have trouble with finding their second half. Some don’t know where to look, while others don’t quite know what kind of person their significant other has to be. If you want your searches to bring results you need to know exactly several criteria. This will help you choose your second half. You have to know exactly how you see your fate. Your loved one has to be and do the following:
1350922329_ldnkkhdnm567Remain your loved one under any circumstances. This means «in rich and in poor, in sickness and in health…», so your partner willlove and support you in all of your life’s situations, even if you’ve lost your job or have become bedridden. This means that no changes should affect the sincerity of your relations.
Change you for the better. In other wordswanting to develop and to become better and perfect your personality for her/him.  This is a very important criterion, because it can even inspire someone to do great deeds. For example, there are people who want their partner to constantly inspire them. You can become someone’s muse – the reason for someone writing a beautiful poem or a wonderful musical piece.
Find a common language with parents and friends. This is a very important point when choosing your second half. If your loved one freely communicates with your family members, then it’s for the better of everyone, not just you. Very often relationships start breaking up because of family conflicts. That’s why this factor is tremendously important.
Remain attractive to you. This is also a very important quality that your loved one needs to possess. An appearance that suits your taste is mandatory for your partner. It’s no wonder there’s a popular opinion that sometimes a person falls in love with the exterior appearance.
Spiritual beauty. The profundity of your second half’s inner world will also be of great importance to you. This means the person has to be multi-faceted. This can include intellectual abilities, as well askindness, sincerity, cordiality and the ability to forgive.
Makes you more confident. Of course your second half should always remind you that you’re the best. This means the ability to instill hope that you’re up for any task. Besides that, if your partner commends and supports you you feel the strength to accomplish many things. This way you understand how loved you really are.
All these important qualities of your second half are impossible without one crucial moment. If you want your loved one to possess them you have to be right for your loved one.  You too have to be a multi-faceted person with a rich inner world. Only then will you find true love.
If you don’t possess these qualities but you want your partner to have them, then your relationship won’t go anywhere. It won’t be harmonious love, which means that soon enough it will start falling apart…

A wise man is someone whose advice is listened to

«A wise man is someone whose words other people listen to»
Many times we’ve heard the definition “wise man”. Such people are usually treated with a lot of respect, and rightfully so. In order to gain wisdom a rich life experience is needed. A person learns lessons that arise from different situations and becomes wiser.
solomon1Some people confuse the notions of «wise» and «smart». It might seem at first that these two words are indeed very close. However, there is a considerable difference between them. In order to comprehend it we need to clearly understand what “smart” means.
A smart person is someone who knows a lot. He reads a lot of books and other literature that allow him to broaden his mind and gain new knowledge in a particular field. Such people can become good scientists or teachers, finding a place in a domain where their knowledge is needed.
A wise man might not necessarily be smart in the traditional sense of the word. Wiseness implies knowledge gained throught our entire life. This isn’t encyclopedic knowledge that often has no practical foundation. This is experience and knowledge, gained from various life situations. More often than not wisdom comes with age, because people accumulate the necessary knowledge only after tripping and stumbling over many times during their life.
Therefore, one could say that smartness is education, while wisdom is life experience. This means that a smart person knows how to get out difficult situations, while a wise man doesn’t get into them. This is the difference between these two characteristics.
A smart people can shower you with advice that’s based on knowledge gained from books and so on, but it is only the wise man’s words that you should listen to. This way you’ll get specific knowledge on how to get out of a situation and be sure that the advice given to you will surely be useful and helpful.
By listening to a wise man’s advice you’ll get invaluable life experience and, apart from that, save time by not making mistakes. A wise man, unlike a smart man, will be able to help you in any domain of human life. He knows the answers to all the questions. He is equally well-versed in the field of spiritual laws as well as the laws of the material world. All this allows him to help those who address him for advice to avoid unnecessary mistakes and disappointments.
We’ve all heard about wise old men who live far from the bustle of our world and dedicate their life to self-contemplation and self-perfection. Their rich life experience allows them to give correct judgment about what’s going on and therefore help those who come to them for advice. Many of these wise men aren’t educated or smart – they’re just endowed with knowledge about life and its laws.
Hundreds of persons come to people like these, wanting to resolve difficult situations that appear in their life. They are ready to cover great distances in order to hear a wise man’s advice. Talking to them can literally turn a man’s view of the world and make him see things in a different life. This is what a wise man’s advice should achieve. He not only resolves a certain situation, but also contributes to the spiritual development of the person who came to him for advice.
It should be said that wise men can also be met in usual life as well. They usually distinguish themselves by never showing off their wisdom and trying to be clever. They only give advice when they are asked for it. Listen to such people – they know what they speak of. By using their advice in life you’ll make sure that wisdom is the greatest gift that allows you to correctly construct your life.
Do you think that a wise man’s advice is worth listening to? Or do you think that it’s better to use the knowledge of a smart man? We’re interested to hear your opinion. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Anyone can see the love you killed is killing me

Anyone can see the love you killed is killing me 

by Cotton Candy Clouds

*dedicated to Brandon you broke my heart and now your with her...i hope your happy...

I guess i made a lot of mistakes
and im to blame for this heart break.
I start to reminisce
and i realize i should have expected this.

For those two years
when you had taken away all my fears,
now i find that you i will never hold
and that your heart is just cold.

Its stuck in my mind
that now i wasted all this time.
I will never feel the same
because i now i will have to bear all this pain
of those feelings i have that will never change.

I will forever cry
about that cruel goodbye
everything just feels so wrong
now that your gone.

I know that i will never get better
and that i will love you forever,
but i just need to say
that i think its best that you stay away.

I will always care
and keep you in my prayers,
but i can never go back
to you and thats a fact.

I will have to go through life
putting up with this never ending fight.
Please never call my phone
i want you to leave me alone.

I'm trying to pick my self up from how you left me
and thats why you just have to let me be.
I'm hoping that time will put out this flame
and help me forget your name,
because to you this was all just a game.

Well, all i can say is that you played your cards right
because i cry for you every night.

(this poem is a very personal poem...and i would really appreciate your votes/comments thanks )

Copyright Ã�© Composed Catastrophe All Rights Reserved   

I love, it hurts

I love, it hurts!!!

by Shean leiram

You saw my worst when we first met,,,
i have loved you and i give you my best
even though it hurts knowing that you never been loyal to me,,i still want to give it a shot.
but now you blow it off and it hurts like hell.
yet i hope to see you happy.


Lost Love Hurts

Lost Love Hurts

by Rohit Sapra

My words are so empty without her
Without her I am strength less
She is so happy in her new found world
Though, I am really unhappy.
She is married now and is with her prince
I wish I could be her prince
Though, a beautiful girl like her was never meant to be mine
Her fragrance and beautiful sandy skin, I was in love with
Her looks were amazing
Now, I never look at her pictures even
As now I feel scared of looking at her beautiful face
Due to the fact that her face had something special about it
Her simplicity was her beauty
I regret losing her
To be frank, even when she was mine
Still, she never completely was mine
Although, I wanted her the most as I loved everything about her
Wanted, really wanted her
Loved her the most
Cared for her the most
A marriage is nice, as she is happily married now
I am sadly living a single life
A life without my true love
Only my sandy, could possibly fill that place for me
She is married, happily married now.
By rohit sapra   

The Love She Never Discovered

The Love She Never Discovered

by Jessica

The tears cover the gleam in her eyes,
The wounds over the years not healed,
The silence of her nature drowns out her cries,
The gashes in her heart still not sealed.

The millions of sounds that fall on deaf ears,
The strength she never recovered,
The beatings and thrashings that caused all those fears,
The love she never discovered.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Jenni Marie

Embers flare, molding together and creating new memories.
Embers which were slowly dying; rekindled because of you.

I was never good with similies, for they always
ended as cliche. And metaphors? I'd rather sit and
watch the grass grow, as they are something I've
never managed to handle all that well,
instead they just confuse me and leave me
sat pondering in frustration.

So instead, I wont attempt to write a masterpiece
- but merely say what's in my heart.

A heart that only a short time ago was rusting
in glass pieces on the floor where it had been
carelessly left, disregarded and unwanted;
with blood-red tears forming in a puddle
and suffocating it.

Only now, it's dusting itself down
and returning home, whole once again.
-Because of you.

And I wonder, I wonder...

If all hearts have a home, somewhere,
I wonder... if mine is with yours.

And I'm ready to find out because once again
you saved me. You saved me from myself, from my fears
my desperation, and the countless tears shed, and now;
now you saved my heart too. You're holding it in your hands
so I ask you: Be careful with it, and let me discover

if it's home is with you.   

Surrounded with You

Surrounded with You

by Munch

Sitting, my body pressed beside yours
A comfortable pressure along my right side
The smell of your wet hair permeating the space
Between you and me, accenting the electricity of our touch
Your smell, lingering in my nose, a natural spice
Of Lavender, clean clothes and comfort
The gentle shake of our bodies as we mutually
Chuckle over the trouble and wit of Cumberbatch
Slowly the pressure of your hand, resting on my thigh
Working into gentle patterns, leaving invisible trails
Of desire coursing through my body
Insecurities ripping through my stomach
Unsure of feelings reciprocated or desires matched
A coy smile, catching your eye, feeling your breath mingle with mine
Slowly, unsure, closing the space between our lips
Never breaking the impenetrable bond our blue eyes share
Nerves and lust filling my mind as you close the distance between us
The gentle caress of your lips at first, blossoming deeper
Longer until I lose my breath at the passion exposed as we give in
All boundaries collapsing as you press your body against mine
I give into you, your touch and the Ecstasy of finally kissing you   

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Life after you

Life after you

by Adriana

I have never had to say goodbye to anyone and know it was forever. to know that you were not dead but just removed from my life.

And as i lay here tonight in my bed watching my phone. Praying to god that your name will light up my phone.
But knowing that will never happen again is like a i have never known. Because missing you hurts but letting you go would be a damn suicide.
And i feel like you were my own personal drug my own addiction. because when i miss you it physicaly hurts. i feel like i might actually die of a broken heart sometimes.

And i lay here with "just give me a reason" by p�¡nk on repeat. one line playing over and over "just give me a reason just a little bits enough just a second we're not broken just bent and we could learn to love again". And when that song ends i listen to "break even" by the script one line on repeat "and when a heart breaka it dont break even (no) and what am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you". this is me this is what i can put my emotions into now. this is all i can sum myself up to be. i really dont know what the heck to do cuz you were the best parts of me you were my heart and you were my conscience. and i don't have those anymore. and i want a freaking reason as to why you left me like i was nothing but a dog on the sidewalk.

I am just laying here thinking of stuff you would tell me about my life now. i know you would be angry with me for what i am doing again. but both your "fishies" are doing it together. and your brother knows talk about a stab in the back. but yeah this is how you cause me to spen my nights now on the edge of a emotional meltdown.   



by Kaycat

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry I burden you with my feelings
I'm sorry your friends tease you because I try to say hello
I'm sorry I can't make myself stop loving you
I'm sorry I'm to cowardly to end my life to make yours easier....

I'm sorry....   

When Will You Ever Notice Me?

When Will You Ever Notice Me?

by LivingInDarkness

What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
Change my hair, the way I walk.
My clothes, the way I talk.
We've known each other for some time now
yet I'm still invisible to you.
My feelings run deep and how
I wish you only knew.
I see your face every time I close my eyes
To me you just seem so different from the other guys.
To you I'm just a friend
Nothing more, nothing less
I settle for friendship in the end
Because I don't want to make a mess.
Instead I'll keep my secret to myself
And take my pride back off the shelf.
Until one day you finally see
That you and I were meant to be.
I'll wait for now but not too long
Because sooner or later I'll be gone.
So when will you notice me?   

Tears of yesterday

Tears of yesterday

by Susie Grogan

When I woke up this morning you where not there,I always knew I love you ,I always knew you care,I thought I had cried till the tears were gone,but when I look at you picture I know I am along,I remember our first Kiss,I can smell the roses you could always grow,oh heart of mine you was suppose to be here ,and with me grow old,as I see the night is close at hand,but the pain is there,I feel I just can,t stand,As I knee down to say my prayer,a tear falls of yesterdays.   

Empty Places

Empty Places

by AngelDust

I pushed certain memories away
Or make that almost all of them
Because I didn't want to remember.

I've been running for over two years
But suffering lately.
Suffering from the hurt I ignore
The pain from losing you.

I was out today
Somewhere we always used to go
And I almost broke
Right there in the centre

The centre of the isle
Where you once stood.
Living, breathing
And real.

Where was once warm is cold
And where was once safe
Is fragile.
And everything is cracking and crumbling.

Because just like you
Everything I touch is fading away.

And I wish that I could follow you..





by AngelDust

Memories are resurfacing
Mostly small.
They follow me everywhere
Hot tears fall.

They scar my cheeks
Your loss has blackened my heart.
Bruised, grazed,
Utterly torn about.

Crumbling like ashes
Laughter melts away.
Chained, ravished
I missed your final day.

There's guilt, anger
That scrapes and burns.
Shaken, bewildered
The thoughts in me churn.

Marked, sickened
Hear my agonizing screams.
Pathetic, disgusted
I hide you in my dreams.

Terrified, lost
It's only you I need.
Exhausted, destroyed
Come to me, I plead.

Comatose, bleeding
I silently wonder why.
I sob in erupting anguish
Because you had to die.

Reaching, slipping,
Please, can you come home?
Because when I'm without you,
I'm empty, almost numb..



Tomorrow will be to late

Tomorrow will be to late. (dedicated to a friend passing.)

by Tori

Tomorrow will be too late,
I wish it wasn't so,
I guess that's just fate,
And how unfair life can go...

I'll hold our yesterdays tight,
No one can take those away,
I'd put up a hell of a fight,
If God could of let you stay.

Why did you go like this?
You were so rare to find...
I hope you know, YOU, I miss...
And our memories replay in my mind.

Oh the number of dimes,
That I would seems,
If I counted all the times,
I've wished this was just a bad dream...

Unfortunately, I'm not at sleep,
And this is all very much real..
Only memories I have to keep,
And the pain, from losing you, that I feel.

I've learned now to always expect,
That tomorrow may not be here,
Each words.. Spoke can have an affect,
So hold those close that are most dear.

But tomorrow is too late,
And oh, God how I wish that wasn't so...
My guess is only fate...
And how unfair life can go...

So I hold our memories so tight,

No one can take that away,
Know that, I'd put up one hell of a fight...
To have God grant you one more day.

rip Garrett Viccaro 4-1-13   

A Request to Myself

A Request to Myself

by Boy

O My sweet Sorrows, wont you stay some more time
for the sake of my emotions those not willing to leave you
Won't you give some more rain of sorrows on my wounds
They all want to feel your charming presence inside me

O My beautiful hurting memories, would you help my sorrows

to run like a stream inside my blood and mind forever lifetime
would you not stay with my feelings to burn my happiness smoothly
Those all want your pretty roll to play, for shaping my sorrows

O My lovely tears, please stay beside my eyes and hide yourself
because my heart wants to be wet once again with your fragrance
wont you listen my inside voices they all request you not to leave
you all are very important for my dying memories to live inside me

O My beautiful broken heart, would you please handle all situation
because i want some more undefined time for making me strong
would you not support me to stand with my these precious things
Please Respect my wonderful pains because of those you are now.