Thursday, 16 February 2017

Uncut diamonds

Uncut diamonds

by Bhekumuzi   Feb 14, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Uncut diamonds


My dream came true, but the journey to discover this uncut diamond began within, digging into myself to find this treasure, I had to leave no stone unturned.

I had to cry with the child within, for the man I was in that moment had to remember how to let go.

All the pain and discomfort, a misunderstood self confused by regret, like a kid letting go of their toys for the first day of school, I had to let go.

Everyone has a dream, it's a divine purpose deserved by passion, courage is found along this journey where a dream turns to reality.

Those who are honest enough to admit all their fears and doubts, understand what it takes to live.

Fear can leave a lion hungry if they surrender to the buffalo, and doubt can never test your skills and courage.

My dream has always been at the back of my head but right at the tip of my tongue, with a pen and paper I wrote, I found my purpose in life amongst this ink and sheet.

An awakening I had, from a dream that has gathered dust like a powerful book abandoned in a shelf at the back of a library.

My words became knowledge for my pure being, scriptures giving me a reason to live and a belief system towards success. Writing with passion and wisdom, I prepared inspirational words from the top left corner of the page to the bottom right.

Sounding like music for a victory dance, they were lyrics to an all-time classic yet unreleased by my caged mind and locked in heart.

What hides a soul is a man, what blocks a mind is a man, the key is the heart and a man frees a man.

The lot which became food for thought, was hidden within this dream.

Oh but what a dream, touched by rays of that breath taking sunrise, a day never to be forgotten like that of Nelson Mandela taking that last step from a long walk to freedom.

When life feels like it's slowly slipping away, steady and still time will never stands, the clock keeps ticking as you reach the end of confusion. Do you go out there and make your dreams come true or live in what if?

That one move in a souls lifetime which will change the game plan.

Everyday I looked at it, gazing at my souls voice on paper, like discovered historic sacred scriptures.

A memorable come back for the person I was to the man who now understands that person.

There are some who are born to find a way and there are those who live through the ways of others.

I had to find a way, you see it, your heart feels it, your soul knows it and your body is there to help you make it. Your dreams are your purest form and purpose.

An uncut diamond holds its shine within, every piece cut off leaves a window to heaven.


Friday, 10 February 2017

What have I done to deserve this

What have I done to deserve this

by Bhekumuzi   Jan 20, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

What have I done to deserve this ?


Condolences to our fallen visitors,

No longer will we learn from your actions and gather all your wisdom from the knowledge you've shared with our hearts.

We met during your presence, but the greed filled within the mind of a man, saperated the purest form of humanity.

Your message is on the move, reaching out to others like me, Your cry for peace on earth, lives like the voice you left in my heart.

A man may die, but his words will forever remain.

You foreigners, they named and shamed you, like an alien invasion of which they are yet to discover they treated you.

How dare they fail to see the human body your soul lived in, my fellow earthling, they were blinded by nothing.

A friend I miss, a brother your sisters lost and a parent your children will live without.

A man killed mankind, humanity taken from a human, Life gave death power and earth was left lonely like a house without a family.

Forgive them for the violent exit which they gave you, a pain I can only imagine, those stones they cast upon your body, blades ramming through your skin and then to be burnt alive with a tyre hugging you in flames.

No man deserves to scream in pain filled with fear.

Help was not meant to be your last word.


With tears you asked.

"Go back home!!" They replied in meaningless anger.

"Help me!!", again you cried out, but only that silence came, in my mind while tied up to a pole, forced to say goodbye and receive your last breath, I left this world with your soul on that day.

The cruelty of a broken heart and the greed of a broken man, these creatures misinterpret their own time and information.

Condolences to our fallen visitors, for in history your existence now remains.

With each generation reliving the preceding's past, money makes the world go around in circles.

What really happened in the past that's preventing mankind from being and living in their own presence.

Words are truly powerful, for we now read about the past listen to the stories and but still, those living now bring it all back. A pain shared from generation to generation.

I am not just a South African, I am an earthling, a citizen of this world, the planet is my true home and sharing is indeed caring.

I care to share with every lifeform for the sake of unity, lay down your weapons and talk to me, where is that united nation, an ideal others were prepared to die for.

I really do believe in the human heart, it is the God we created, hiding the love we misunderstood, the true meaning of life lies in there. God is Love.

Why live on earth if you want your own world? I thought this was our home and not your house.

What have I done to deserve this?

Oh Well, I trust that you smell the coffee now, I'm making a cup for you too, just don't sleep for too long okay, it may be cold when you wake up.


She will welcome you

by Bhekumuzi   Jan 19, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

She will welcome you


The love of a mother is never exhausted, it never changes but is forever growing and getting deeper, it is energy to the heart.

A father may turn his back to his child, brothers and sisters may become enemies, yet a mother's love endures forever and through all.

In good repute, in bad repute, in the face of all the world's condemnation, a mother will still love enough to heal.

Still, she remembers the infant smiles that once proved love at first glance and filled her heart with rapture.

The marry giggles and cute laughs from her beloved toddler, a mother never forgets.

From the ancient times to the modern day, a mother has been heard screaming in pain and sadness, in anger and in fear,

But her soul swore to oath and her heart made a promise, in her life you are forever youthfully accused, and she can never be brought to thinking her child is unworthy.

This woman can cry alone, seconds before she enters a room to comfort you with a cuddling hug and kisses.

She turns a beast of a man into he who's most gentle of men.

A mother you can hate, but a rare and pure love she will give you.

A mother you can torment, but with a smile she forgives, as she wipes your tears away to the very last drop.

A mother you may leave for decades, but with open arms will she welcome you like you never left.

They may speak of all the worst and show her all the wrongs that you have done, but the goodness within your heart, she will persist to unlock.

Thank You Emma Mmaletsatsi (Mother of the Sun) Mdakane. Your force of nature brought light in my darkest moments

A pure love she dares not to give you, and that love I carry and now share with you.

In my mistakes a lesson she showed me.

Love all life like a mother's love towards her child.

You are always welcome into this heart of mine.


Teach thy creature

by Bhekumuzi   Jan 19, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Teach thy creature


Teach thy creature how to live, plant thy seed of legacies to come, and let your fellow lifeforms inspire you to find your purest heart.

Go, go and find that awakened piece of yourself in the morning of July, and so the power of Will shall be understood from the good deeds you are to do.

An angelic action they'll call your work, but just the sheer purpose of humanity you will define.

Your divine self is the key, one that's igniting the sparks within every lifeform and turning them into flames that warm up the cold hearted.

Those who listen are to be teachers, students will test the patience of your last lesson, with information they too barely understand.

"You're making a mistake!!" They will say, utters of a sinner, but a rare lesson you are preparing for them.

To sin is to miss the point, a plot or target, it derives from the ancient Greek language. A sinner is he who misunderstood.

Smile at those that curse you, for a cursor can only imagine the purpose of life through the blinds, as you walk out the door as free and pure.

Ego is the master of riddles, putting words spoken into hate speeches and hiding the truth to enslave the purest heart.

Forgive those who despitefully use you, he who takes thy cloke and forbid not a soul from taking thy coat also.

Guilt is a lesson which the soul gives to the heart, a reminder that we are human and we're born to love.

A great teacher is one that loves every lesson learnt as a student, And great student is one that learns how to teach.

Regrets are for sinners, Love everything in everyone for everyday freedom, it is in everyway possible, a life we all deserve to Live.

Teach thy creature how to Live in every heart.


Water a dying Plant

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Water a dying plant


Life like a seed needs water and love to embrace the beauty of nature.

Please be kind and gentle to life, be considerate to the weak and unfortunate. Let us live our lives with a helping hand towards all that lives.

Let every other lifeform feel free, for it is not only humans that feel pain. 

Water a dying plant, our one and only home that we destroy and hurt, it screams through thunder and cries through the rain.

Trembling in fear through earthquakes mother earth has been.

Yet, we carry on waiting for a heroic stroke of wisdom that will bring peace into our lives, like the return of he who's the son of God.

Around in circles we go again and again as we age but never mature, your judgement day is now a moment of acceptance.

Easy it is to say God did this or made that, than to accept what we know not.

United in efforts to research and work together, we can make a difference and reach that understanding of what life truly feels like when you live it.

Its origins we will discover.

Let us heal those that come into our homes with knowledge and love, give them a great experience. That is how we discovered the secrets to wisdom.

We do not know who any of our visitors may be tomorrow.

But, just the sheer courage to smile and welcome life, in love, peace and joy this world will live.

Whom we meet, a new lesson they hold within. A feeling of unity every lifeform comes with.

Welcome all who have questions, your opinion is not the answer but an idea on how to get to one for the next person to share. You, like I, carry an idea on how to get the answers. Share your experiences as they are information towards our evolution.

Our education is life itself and we study its theory through our scriptures. We are both teachers and students, We discover, record and share the the same knowledge.

As we jot down our past through practicals we call experience, a lesson for tomorrow we prepare.

Water a dying plant, for love is all I ask of you and that I have to offer. 

The wars have dried up the lands, tears have run out and greed has blinded the purest purpose of mankind's existence.

Why are you fighting each other in the first place?

This world is not only yours, I dare you to clean your own water, build an aircraft and invent your own technology. Do you even know how to mine your own steel and aluminium, never mind creating the tools to do so?

History needs no correction, our next step does and now is the only time we have to make that choice.

All life on earth depends on us, the human race. This unhappiness on earth is in all truth our business and a business needs a passionate team to reach any goal or achievement.

What was a shop without consumers or earth without life.

We each have a part to play so let us have fun together, living with each other, for each other and forever by each others side.

Awaken the heart of mankind, it speaks one language and that is, "hold my hand and move forward with me, hug a stranger and a foundation of peace you'll have".

That's a lesson every child learns to know their parents.

Mother nature gave us life and old she is now, it's our turn to give back.

A seed of life this world planted, do not take its breath away by leaving it dry and covered with your creations. 

Water a dying plant.