Friday, 28 June 2013

How can anyone love me?

by Hayley

After all I’ve been through in my life,
The drugs and the knife.
No ones going to love me
No one ever will, just wait you’ll see.
I’m too disfigured; I’m only a freak...
But no one will see I was just too weak.
I never meant to give in,
I didn’t mean to scar my skin.
How could anyone love me?
Just look at the things I’ll never be.
I used to be anorexic,
Used to be a pot addict.
I still sometimes use my blade
To make scars that will never fade.
How can anyone love me?
How can anyone like what they see?
I’ll ask this question one more time,
letting no tears drop, because crying’s a crime.
How could anyone possibly love me?

Hayley ©

Remember how to love me

by Chica poética

I can't remember how I felt about you now
I know I cared and I try to rememebr but I don't know how
it is like trying to describe the taste of water
or wondering if the day can get any hotter
It is like trying to remember someone you never knew
that's what it is like trying to remember you
It is like a blind man trying to remeber how to see
It's like you trying to remember how to love me
It's like a mute person trying to sing
It's like an angel trying to get her wings
and now I have to see you every day
and when you talk I won't know what to say
how can you act like you never hurt me
how can you just be so blind not to see
I just don't understand after all you've put me through
how you could think I'd even want to speak to you
but that is ok I'll be alright
one thing I will never forget is our fight
I'm sorry I don't know how to feel the way I once did
but that is how it is when who you really are was hid.


by Michael

I can't help myself but miss you

you're once a dream that came true
an illusion that turned to reality
but suddenly, things turned different

I have so many sleepless nights
because you are on my mind
i can't help myself from crying
because I'm missing you so much

all the pain & sadness are bound inside my heart
all the memories are still preserve in my mind
i miss you so much
because i can't hide the fact that I'm still in love with you

my life will never be the same again
now that you're gone
I'll be trapped in this loneliness forever

I've realized its just something I cannot do,
Here are my feelings, just a few.
First, I'm still so In Love with you, after all this time,
You told me the same, then left me, Time has passed, everyday you're on my mind

Will we ever be together again, i say as I sob and mope
as each day passes, I lose a little more hope.
I'll always LOVE you '''''' hold these words true
Don't hate me for this, this is what pain is making me do.
My heart is broken

You have given me the time of my life but now that has to end. I now know you are happy without me but that is what i have live with now. I'm glad you can move on after me,you were my first girlfriend, the first person i ever truly loved. You still mean the world to me even though i am not with you.

Years will go by and i will still be thinking about you, i promise. You are the woman of my dreams, you made me so happy.

I am so sorry for all the pain i caused you over the past 2 years.

I Love You xxxxxxx. I Always Will .

I just cant see why you can turn your back on me and watch me fade away without you.I   

How Love Struck Me

by Hurtingsoul

I remember it was cold that particular day
I could feel Goosebumps cover my arm
As a striking sensation swept my body
A feeling overwhelmed my soul

I didn't understand that feeling
It was but a foreign concept to my heart
Like being showered by feathery touches
And thrown into the sky without wings

I slowly felt a tremendous fear overtake me
Such a strange reaction to this emotion
If only I knew what that emotion actually was
If only I had listened to my fear,
My warning

But I was stubborn with distaste to weakness
And fear was weakness or so I thought
So I reveled in the feeling and let it take over
It clouded my mind,
Unleashed my heart,
Took my soul

And that,
that was the biggest mistake
Because sadly that feeling,
That emotion
It was love,
I felt love ,
and I was consumed

And it was the end of me.

Sad Music of Love

by Paulo Ortiz

While playing each piano keys
it reminds me the times i really miss
times, happiness, sadness and even the place
it reminds me you in many different ways

why do i need to experience all of this?
sadness, loneliness and pain that i never wished
i wanna see myself happy, thats the only thing i wished for
happiness and happiness i never hoped for something more

suffering for the things i didnt wish
but i know i dont deserve to experience this
but i must hold on and keep on fighting
someday, i will find myself smiling


The music of distant love

by Baby Blue

To find the words
To sing the tune
To hear the rhythm
To know the mood
To feel the rush
To fear the cold
To yearn, to long
To have and hold   

What Is Love?

by Anonymous Me

I have yet to find this true love
Can you tell me what it is made of?
What it tastes like,
What it feels like.
This world seems so dark and gray
And the colors of love seems stowed away.
A recipe forgotten
Never written down.
I want to know what it feels like,
To be held by an angel
With wings that wrap around you
And protect you from sadness.
I want to know that kiss
That they sing about.
The one that takes your breath away.
the one that makes you fly.
I want to know that look he gets
When you look into his eyes.
The one where you get lost in.
The one where you float in.
The one where you swim in.
I want to know what true love feels like.
So simple to want
Yet so hard to find.
Am I too young to find out?
Too childish to know?
But maybe,
Just maybe,
I will find Him
And learn to love
Or just...
in love...
Just like the movies.   

Mommy, Please Forgive Me

by Loveless Dreamer

I know I've messed up
I know you're still mad
Even though you said you weren't
But I can see it on your face
And it makes me sad
Because I did wrong
I know it makes you sad too
I know you don't want me to grow up
I'm sorry for disappointing you
But can you please forgive me??
It's understandable that you ground me
I know you're only doing this for my own good
I know you're doing it because you care
You want what's best for me
You dont want me to mess up my future
Just please....forgive me
It hurts me everyday that passes
The fact: you want me to go the right direction
Mommy, you know I love you
And I know you love me too
And I promise I'll always be your little matter what
But do you see my pain?
I can see yours.....
I know I've hurt you
but I'm not sure what you want me to do
I'll get all A's for you
To prove to you that I'll only think about school
I'll clean every room
To show you I'm going to be responsible
I'll give you the phone everyday afterschool
To make you see that I'm trying my best
I'll do anything you want me to do
Just to prove to you that I'm sorry
I know this probably won't matter to you
But I couldn't find any other way to tell you I'm sorry
And that I want you to forgive me
I'm not saying to forget it,
Because I know you won't
But pleaase....just please forgive me.
I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm sorry I broke the only connection we had
I'm sorry that I betrayed you
And I'm sorry for what I've put you through
From the moment I first did wrong, to this day
I wish I could take it all back
But I can't.....
Mommy, please don't give up on me
Please hug me and say that you love me
I need you
I love you
And please understand that I'm sorry
Mommy, can you please forgive me for everything I've done??
You know that I'm growing up
I know you're not ready to let go
But someday you'll have to
Just please don't let go now
I need my mommy

*I wrote this poem special for my mom. I read it to her and she cried saying that she loved me and that she's not mad. she forgave me. she said she just needed time. Mom, how much time do you need.?. I need to hear my mom's voice and feel her hugs. I need you mommy. I love you. If you've ever fought with your mom or done something really bad and got grounded/into trouble, know that she is doing it for you're own good. she loves you. don't ever doubt that. you hear that mom....i know you love me. just please show it.*   

To the one who might love me

by The Huntress

If you ever considered
pulling me away from a car crash
or donating your heart to me ...

Don't do it.

You are not my saviour.

I live, comatose, in a world
full of legends and lunatics.
It's peaceful in here.

Hiding in fairytales, trying to
escape dragons that appear
in shadows of my own; trying to
forget about the amount of times
my skin hooked onto
bramble branches, branding
the ever-same places
blood-red, as if waiting
for you to wipe my hurt off.

But legends don't carry handkerchiefs,
and don't think you could ever
smell its perfume and think it's me,

for I am not from your world. 

Astronauts, etc - Land Locked Blues

The Colors Of My Life.

by LivingInDarkness

The night black,
Just like your soul,
And now because of you I'm no longer whole,

The ocean is blue,
Just like my tears,
I'm done hiding my fears,

It runs through my veins,
The color crimson red,
Without it I would be dead,

A soft orange glow,
Like the setting sun,
In this life I'm almost done,

I contemplate living,
My pointless life is in shades of grey,
and I wonder if I should stay,

I'm all alone,
My world has gone from light to dark,
The songs of angels will guide me home,

The pain I feel inside,
White and pure like snow,
Sometimes I wonder does anyone truly know?

You Shouldn't Of Had Children In The First Place

by Sigoney Holder

Dad, Dad you there

I'll shrug it off now

But later I'll have a fight which shows that I care

Mum keeps saying that you're just running late

This is just an excuse that makes me angry and full of hate

Fuck it why should I try to email you

You're never there

You're probably in the Bahamas with that fat slut, Claire

Whenever you promise to talk to us little Lucy bounces off the wall and gets really happy

But then when it turns out to be a lie her little lip starts to quiver as she clings to me

And it's at this moment I feel like I want to die

Because I have to hold her in my arms as she starts to cry

I swear if you ever do bother to show up, then me and you will fight

I'll smack in you right in the face, regardless of your height

No one hurts my little sister or mother

It's just human nature for a son to protect his mother and a sister to be shielded by her brother

You think you're so important with your fancy gadgets and bags of cash

And you think you can just drop £50 in our banks for good will, which actually to me is just trash

Money means shit which is appropriate because you're full of it

If you were only going to fill us with such disgrace

You shouldn't of had children in the first place.

So Far, So Bad

by Stephanie Tangedahl

I'm a skinny little bitch
With a big ass heart, possibly
But it's hard to keep a heart
When shit begins to fall apart

You wanna spit on the ones
Who got it better than you
But you can't do that
Cause you're the one without a clue

Man, i got a job
But it don't get me nowhere
Cause I'm just another fuck
Without a penny to spare

Where am I to go
When I ain't got a place?
A failure in the making;
Just another basket case

I used to say fuck the world
And the people in it too
But now all I got to say
Is to myself, "fuck you."

"You'll succeed apart from those
Who never gave a shit,"
Yeah, yeah, you know how long it's been
And that one still hasn't hit?

What the fuck does that mean
If those fucks didn't care?
I'd just be succeeding
And with my name, that's rare.

Busy Being Born

by Michael D Nalley

Dear slowly dying
I saw you in smiling
faces not crying
I see you in those who
live too fast
or run to escape the past
I hear your silent cries
as my innocence dies
and I pray you will rise
to find peace on this lowly earth
while we celebrate your birth

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Searching For Someone (song) - With recording

by Tim

As promised to Kate & James.
I dedicate this to the both of you.

Searching For Someone

Searching for someone, someone who's nothing.
Nothing but an image, a memory in my head.

I think of you all day, and night.
Ooo, baby, it gives me, a fright.

For you are the only girl I've loved.
And you're the only one I want to hug.

We spent all day and, all night together.
Of I wish that, it had lasted forever.

But then you went, and disapeared.
Oh it was the only, thing that I'd feared.

And now that you, have re-apeared.
I am so, fricking sceared.

I'll tell you what, that is because.
I don't know how to-be, what we was.

Things were so different, back then.
Easy like counting, from one to ten.

But things arnt that easy, any more,
So baby please tell me, what's the score?

Shall I tell you that I love you,
Orrr shall I, go back to what I knew?

Or shall I go back to what I knew?

Searching for someone, someone who's nothing.
Nothing but an image, a memory in my head.

I think of you all day, and i think of you all night.
Ooo, baby, it gives me, a fright.

For you are, the only girl I've loved.
And you're the, only one I want to hug.

We spent all day and, all night together.
Oh I wish that, it had lasted forever.

Please baby tell me, what I should do.
Are we together, or are we through?

I have recorded this song and uploaded it onto soundcloud, if any of you want to listen to it. Here is the link:

And for any of you guitarists out there, if you're interested in the chord structure. It is:

C - - - Em - - - D - - - G - - -

Moderators... If I have broken any of the site rules by giving a link to my recording, please don't hesitate to drop me a message, and I will happily take it down.


Soul searching

by Chelsey

She writes romantic poetry because
her ideas about love outweigh her
experience of it. Ink kisses paper and
she melts, envisioning what it feels like
for her thoughts to come to life.

She may be the girl everyone calls
crazy, but somewhere...
under the same moon,
on the same continent,
walks a man who will eventually
give her the world.

So be still her mind, quiet the crowd,
and allow her dreams to steady her heart

for the introduction of her soulmate.

Bleeding Inferno

by Kristina

This hot headed mess drags me into the fire
My skin burns and bleeds and I scream for a tourniquet
The dark shadows stand and watch my in my turmoil
They smile and laugh with deep terrifying voices
The flames flicker in front of my eyes blocking them out
The stench of burning flesh is suffocating
"Help me!" I scream but they act as if I am silent
I scream and struggle to get out of this inferno
I wish to undo what has been done
I am a pawn in their game of death
I realize this has been what I have wished for
To be bleeding in an inferno

Hospital Walls

by His Crimson Angel

It is time to go back too sleep.
I wish I had enough reason to believe.
But, these hospital walls are suffocating me.
When will I finally be able to leave??

I've been here now for over a week.
People don't know that it is less time then it seems.
This is all making it so hard to breathe.
These IV's are sucking life out of me.

How much more blood will my body reject?
I am scared, but, they say this wont end in death.

I feel my body slowly fade into the dark.
Why does nothing cease the beat of my heart?

I am ready to let it all go.
This world is no longer one that I know.
I tried to take it ease, to live life slow.
Still, I end up here and lose all hope.

Why won't the doctors just let me fade away?
I can't keep fighting when I don't want to live another day.

Monday, 24 June 2013


by Dakota

Out of the shadows stepped a figure cloaked in darkness.
He said,"come with me for i need your help kind sir."
I took a step toward him and he gave me a wicked grin.
He said,"theres a good boy," and gave a laugh quite heartless.
I took a step back and tried to talk, but my speech was a slur.
It was then that i noticed the odd drip off his chin.
It was blood coming from his two sharpest teeth.
I stood there in the snow, quite imobilized by shock.
This guy had killed something, of that i was sure.
His gums slide up with a sickening slick right into a sheathe,
the last thing i said was," what the fuck?"
there was a body, not four feet away, and it was a her.

Friday, 21 June 2013

A believer

by Kate

You take my breath away.
you touch me like no one else could ever do.
you hold me in your arms at night.
and we begin to kiss., a kiss that tells a story.

butterfly's fluttering
in my stomach.
every time I see you.
your eyes are green and they get to me.
I love touching you, hugging you.
just being with you makes everything better.

I love you so much more than anything.
words can't speak of how I feel.
but I try to write them down.
to show someone what I feel toward you.
to show myself that I am in love with someone so great.
that this isn't just a dream, this is life.

my life went to downfall to an uprising.
because of you., you made me what I am right now.
It's a great feeling and I thank you for that.
thank you for everything you've ever done for me.

I have the most amazing boyfriend.
that treats me so good, I wouldn't want anyone else.
the only person I need is you right now with me.
holding me and kissing my lips for years to come hopefully.

I did tell you forever and ever.
I promise that, this might not make sense.
but this is what I'm feeling at this moment.
and felt like maybe I should write it down.
maybe even type it out on this website.
and make myself a believer that someone.
so great is out here and he's with me.   

I'm not kidding a fool, but only a believer

by TeRiA

Lost love? Please, that's not what this is about.
I'm searching for true love, not dreading my past.

My mother, she watches me daily - oh boy.
How I dread her eyes following me, as if I'm a toy.

I'm looking around to see what I see,
but what I'm blinded by, I know it can't be.

The kid that I knew back in my day,
ten years old in that pool, not knowing what to say.

He was there through everything,
until we moved too far away.

At an age like that, contact is rare.
Seeing him again, I can't help but stare

His hair has grown, he's even got some facial.
But this line between us, seems a bit spatial.

Does he see me? I haven't a clue,
his eyes aren't looking ... I'm hoping for a glance.

Somehow I doubt he'll even know who I am,
it's been years upon years - my brain screams 'condemn'

But, I can feel my heart tugging, it's pulling forth
I've not an ounce of confidence, but I'm feeling some worth.

I beg you oh Lord, please let him know me ..
That smile, oh that smile, I can tell that he does

And, that's the story that ended my search,
but a few years later we married in a classical church.

You know who I'm kidding though? Don't you dear reader -
I'm not kidding a fool, but only a believer

Worn out souls

by Muneezah

(This poem is about drugs - My experience.)

Inhale, Exhale.

Let go, Be free.

I look around and observe

Wounded souls locked in an icy embrace

Whispering sweet nothings to each other

Thirsty for acceptance

Thirsty to be loved

Exhausted, Defeated,

They laugh at life's cruelty.

A laugh that never fully engages

any sort of inner joy.

And tonight, I join them.

I taste the devil's tears

Drink from his soul

Sweetly surrender to the dancing shadows of insanity

And suddenly this tormented world looks so beautiful

I am thrilled with excitement at the sight of these

beautiful faces

Enthralled by the sight of these mesmerizing colours

Sweating profusely, my clothes are limp with


The dim lights, the melodies, the many colours

All become part of me.

And pain is alien and forgotten

My once vacant eyes are now full of life and colour

The night is warmer

The heart is content

And every touch is intimate

And as I get lost in the dance of happiness

I feel his stare upon me

A pair of eyes I used to know

They are piercing blue as ever

Eyes that can take in the horizon with one glance,

missing nothing.

His hair, a pale honey colour,

Soft like an animal's fur.

Under his spell again,

My eyes reveal the sad truth

He knows. I know. We know.

How I long to pull him closer

Run my hands through his soft wild hair

Wrap my legs around his waist

Softly kiss my way down his neck

Surrender myself to him

Devour him with my tongue and lips

He knows. I know. We know.

His presence still lingers within my heart

Torturing me sweetly every day.

My almond eyes reveal a sad tale

of how we used to greedily drink the wine of our

lusts every night

How our bodies would move in harmony

Sense of time - gone, forgotten.

He brings me back to the present

By flicking a lighter

Puffing on his cigarette

Ejecting a dense cloud of smoke.

The smell of it brings back late nights in a fog

Of drink, laughter and intimacy we once shared.

And as I silently admire him with my gaze,

His sweet beloved comes from behind

planting a soft kiss upon his lips

She is petite in stature,

With Cupid bow lips,

and lavender blue eyes that shine with life and


I suddenly feel the cold stinging my face

And so I walk away.

There is a wintry sadness within my heart.

And as I sway to the rhythm,

I see them walking hand in hand towards the shining


like a pair walking towards the sunset

'It's beautiful' I whisper softly to myself

'My dear, My lover, My friend...tonight, I let you

go...' from my cracking lips I whisper

And as the darkness begins to fade away,

The early morning,

The dreary horizon,

Brings with it

the sorrow that was once forgotten

Chaining souls back to the prison of reality

It hurts when the light hits the skin

And as the day goes by,

A little part of me dies

So here I am again, wandering aimlessly on a path

that leads to nowhere.

Thank God I have Lost You

by Neme juste un jouet

I would rip out these vocal cords that allow me to sing,
I would cripple these hands that create art,
I would puncture these ears that do hear sound,
I would blind my eyes that enjoy the beauty of it all!
I would take every inch of my soul,
every beat of my heart,
and trade it all -
If only I could finally feel the hands
upon my throat
that love me enough to make this
fade away.
To make this red
turn to gray.
Take this from me now,
my imprisonment within the cage
with no bars,
take this key
and unlock the door that is already ajar.
Choke me on my passion,
poison me within the first and last!
I would cut my hair jagged,
work my skin raw
trying to erase them from the surface,
if it meant finding someone I can tell
my dirty little secrets.
Love me,
or get lost.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Find Me In Heaven

by Tara Kay

Carved out on the park bench is a smile
that I curled for you, despite the sorrow
clambering over my heart.
There's a rainbow hanging
on the lonely oak tree and
on the path there are footsteps leading
home with a twinkle of the rising sun,
and a moonbeam, still cloudless, lights the
forest of wonder so you'll always know
where to find me...

I may not be able to feel your arms around
my shadowy frame but I know they would wrap
themselves with honesty and love
if we were on the same path,
but I'll always feel you,

down by that little stream in the hidden valley,
along the path paved with daisies
and where there's a winter chill on our shoulders,
I'll always follow you to the waterfall
hidden behind a wooden door
and show you the steps I've climbed to heaven
so you'll know where to find me...

© Tara-Kay Randall 9th-10th Feb 2013

Each Moment Give Lesson

by Ravindra Kumar

Each moment give lesson certain determine to us,
Often it echoes on frequent level in my mind,
And tranquil measureless moans accumulated still o'er guess,
And embolden too the state of perplexity bind.

Standing aloof solitary, from the worldly affairs
Mainly I feel behaving tutelary this nature,
To thrive in life as section indicates'
And react perennial affectionate voice of warbler.

Setting sometime in lap of productive reach,
Enrich with corn-seed, paddy and sugar-cane,
I assume numerous hidden hymnal consideration preach,
Sacrifice for betterment glide making other sustain.

Swinging swiftly at the hilly terrible groves
Shrub and thistly atmosphere, provoking gorgon fear;
Ne'er contradict genuine a horrible warning relieves
Give support always deserving deafen destructive cheer.

Or sipping brine, before nymphomaniac watching zeal,
Dumb caution centralize, beware alluring notion create
Nip stiff witty desire render stigmatize deal:
Ye propel next to Him in power approximate.

Writing emotions

by Alexis Anderson

We write about our pain,
We write about our happiness.
Writing our feelings out helps
A lot myself cannot speak my emotions
I've always been able to write it out in
A letter or note.
I can rehearse what I want to tell you
Yet ill go silent ill forget my words.
Ill be breathless.
Yet I can write it out for you I can draw you
A picture showing just what you mean to me.

Parents Just Don't Understand

by Live WeLL

Sitting at the dinner table, they ask you about your day.
You start complaining on and on how nothing goes your way.
Your friends are everything but true and you feel all alone.
You know it's time to make a move but you fear what's unknown.

You haven't smiled for a while and everything seems wrong.
You haven't felt quite like yourself in what feels like so long.
On and on you spill your tears in hopes of some advice,
But all they seem to have to say are words that won't suffice.

"Oh please get over it, you'll be fine, you're such a drama queen,
Exaggerating every problem because you're just a teen."
You walk away and hear them laugh behind your troubled back
Not knowing that you really need help getting back on track.

They think your life's as simple as deciding black or white,
Not knowing it's the grays between that keep you up at night.
Your simple wish you hope to grant is to make them care,
To guide you through when in need and always have them there.

They think we have it easy in this new age world we're in,
but yet they never take the time to step where we have been.
They always think they're always right because they're in command,
But when will parents realize that they just don't understand?

3/11/08 Copyright Live Well.

At your Fingertips

by Tara Kay

I was written with lightless ink,
and kept inside the padlocked notebook,
until my voice had a deeper purpose,
until I became strong enough to be heard.

Have you ever felt like the steps you took
forward were made redundant when life
caused you to backtrack?
But have you ever looked at the larger picture,
and seen that however minuscule a step,
however difficult it may have been,
the fact that you took it in the first place is a trophy of achievement,
and the knowledge that something greater always lies ahead?

Have you ever tried to find yourself with eyes that
were always obscured by the imperfections and lost
sight of the reasons you were even trying to succeed?
Have you ever just let yourself be as you are,
and not changed the inside to fit with the outside,
and learnt to love what makes you different?

There's never an easy route and there's never complete
security and self assurance in this world,
it was never made to be that way,
because you need challenges to find your strength,
and you need flaws to see beauty,
because it doesn't lie on the surface,
it's buried in your heart.

And the power to believe,
and find the good inside you,
is at your fingertips,
I dare you to touch it,
and live for now,
because you can.

© Tara-Kay Randall 19th June 2013

On my own

by Atsbb

I trusted so many before you
Even though I knew there was none to compare
You were there as long as I remember
Waiting to hold my hand but it was me who did not care
If only I had trusted and relied on your love
Today would have been very much different
And there would be nothing to despair

Happiness eluded me time and again
Not because you did not love
But due to my own folly as I did not care
I trusted my own ego and moved on
In search of worldly joys that did not exist
The temptations which I could not resist
And wasted my life even though you much cared

Success was always so near
But could not write my name on it
I had all that was needed but somehow it did not click
It is not always easy to be on the same side
And come out a winner without you as our guide
However much we try, the target will go astray
The best of archer will fail with the blink of an eye

So trust in Him who is our Creator
His mighty hand is there ever near
We cannot do anything without His will
As much as we try just as an old cranky mill
His love endures forever because He cares
On your own O Creation please don't dare
Without His power life will be just a nightmare

Now that I have learnt my lesson
I will walk in His ways
Storms will still be there but I trust in His grace
In the midst of troubles and drowning waters He will make a way
Lift us up so that we don't go astray
And when this life comes to an end
I will lay into HIS arms fully content   

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Shut Me Up.

by Linda Leavers

I want to sob way too loudly, cry, hiccup -
try to form senseless abusive, angry words in the rain
and you to let me scream
about how I'm not whole -
and how I'm not right for you
and I'm going to mess everything up,
how I don't know who I am,
and how I don't know who or how to be.

I want you to ignore me and infuriate me,
boil my blood and ignite my bones
by touching my hair and kissing my throbbing temples
while I try to explain that I'm not right
and I'm going to hurt you.

I want you to grip my hips
and not let me move and ignore my yelling
and incessant sobbing and outrageous behavior
and just let me hit you
and let me push you
because I can't say anything
because you believe in this -
and it's so illogical, I hate you.

I hate you.

I want the thunder to frustrate me
and drown out my senseless arguments
and you to hold me so tight I struggle to breathe
and I try to push you off of me
but you ignore my shrieking doubts and murderous insecurities.

Shut me up and kiss me in this storm
because you don't know what else to do
and I can't shut up or stop crying like an irrational child.

The water will run down my face
and down my arms, and I'll try to slip away -
but god - for the sake of my sanity,
hold me tighter
and squeeze me harder.

Just kiss me and shut me up
because that's the only way this will work.

Just grab my destroyed, tangled mess of wet knotted hair
and shut your mouth around mine
and just shut me up.


by XxxDeadGiRlLoStInMiSeryxxx

Everyday I feel
My mind going insane
Afraid of the world
Not good enough
Everything crashing down on me all at once
weighing on my heart
Clouding my mind
And braking down my soul.

Wars inside

by Alexis Anderson

Yet again I'm alone dealing with all things unknown to you.
I'm raging wars on myself for things
I've done things I should've done.
And things I should have said.
There is no way to get past all this.
I will however go through each day as if there is nothing wrong everything is perfect.
I'm going to smile even if I wanna cry and ill get angry because you won't just leave me be.
I don't know another way.
Explaining to you would prove far worse then bottling my emotions.
So I live in silence and watch as I tear my self up inside.
For all things lost I've givin up far too much I've been through way
To much to be pushed away to be pried open.
I'm happy with myself I don't hate myself I hate decisions I make and don't make I hate my self for not acting when I should.
I've got one shot to prove it and I will with a smile and a laugh
You will never know my pain. :)


by FiLFY_GorGeZz

Living alone in a world of hatred and pain
in a heart happiness ceases to be contained
evil taking over good,black taking over white
eyes are gourged out from the disturbing sight
a layer of tears over the wretching ground
cries and weeps is the only sound
the sun slowly losing its shine
from the sight of all evil finally combined
everyone living in fright and paranoia
as evil lurks around every corner
the strength of all defeated in disgrace
no longer in the running of this race
no sign of hope to be found
all bliss and laughter has been drowned
the look on the little girls face
fills my heart with disgrace
why am i not standing up?
hy am i not making things right?
where has my bravery and courage gone?
do i want to keep living in this heart ache song?
i will be brave and stand up for whats right!
i will bring back the light

Friday, 14 June 2013

Already dead...

by Rolo

Lonely and hurt,
Broken I remain
Residing in hell,
living in pain

Masked by lies,
I slowly fade away;
The nightmare I live with,
each and every day

The meaning of it all,
to which my mind attends
Has not one answer
that I fully comprehend

The bottom of my mind
holds the answers which I call;
I keep reaching towards it
in this never-ending fall

"Stay strong and keep going,
it's never too late"...
No one seems to realize
that it's not worth the wait

There's no such thing
as help outside of your mind,
It's you against yourself,
with your demons intertwined

It's a battle, hard fought,
but never to be won...
Either way you end up losing
when it's all said and done

"Too late" came and passed
and, of me, nothing more
I wrote my own ending,
and I shut my own door

"Live your life to its fullest"
that's what they all said,
But what's the point in trying
when you're already dead?


Thanks for reading.