Monday, 31 March 2014

That comfort zone

Published by MdK Holdings

Written by Bhekumuzi Mdakane (Founder)

That comfort zone

It has been a journey to be honest; I have lived and died for the sake of reaching this point whereby I can say this with ease. In this lifetime I want to show the legends parts that they are missing as they grow, I would like to help your leaders see what makes a lasting legacy.

This body and life that I have chosen for this life time has nothing to do with being this person that everyone sees; he is merely my transport to you and I do need to use him for typing this out for I need to speak to your soul.

What have you done to yourself, I ask?

This is not how we all started, see in the beginning we were all given a task to help humanity feel and experience the art of LOVE.

You are not a legend nor are you a leader; they will never understand you for you won’t ever do so too.
It is not within you to not know anything about what humans are, you sometimes know things that surprise even you and your aura is a comfort zone for others.

You have the kind of knowledge that can change a young soul, that power you have to create a new belief, religion and reconstruct a person’s life and building a new generation.

Remember it took a human to convince the other how to live, what to believe in, and what to work for.
Before religion and science a chief had to explain to his or her village how things came to be the way they are from day and night, good and bad and most importantly life and death.

But this was not always the case as even the chief had a wise man who he or she listened to.
Humans have constructed a comfort zone for themselves slowly losing their way of doing what they are here to do like living and sharing their lives with everyone

What are you waiting for…… they now know?

Humans have got to a point where they identify the wrong and right however for some people like me there has never been a wrong or right but just the act or your souls purpose for that time. what you do is what your soul wants to learn from.

We know that we get angry; we know that we get sad, happy and boy do we know that WE CAN LOVE.
However, still humans persist in thinking that they are born to be different. Well no!!! You are born to experience those feelings and help each other see a better way of dealing with and excepting them.

Through all religious beliefs, spirituality and those wandering souls’ humans, they all have a common goal, which is to experience LOVE; even for that one they call a killer.

The one thing that humans don’t share is that feeling they get when listening to their favourite song, it is the only time or moment in time that one gets to feel what LOVE is.

Humans just want those around them to show them (LOVE).

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