Friday, 10 February 2017

Water a dying Plant

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Water a dying plant


Life like a seed needs water and love to embrace the beauty of nature.

Please be kind and gentle to life, be considerate to the weak and unfortunate. Let us live our lives with a helping hand towards all that lives.

Let every other lifeform feel free, for it is not only humans that feel pain. 

Water a dying plant, our one and only home that we destroy and hurt, it screams through thunder and cries through the rain.

Trembling in fear through earthquakes mother earth has been.

Yet, we carry on waiting for a heroic stroke of wisdom that will bring peace into our lives, like the return of he who's the son of God.

Around in circles we go again and again as we age but never mature, your judgement day is now a moment of acceptance.

Easy it is to say God did this or made that, than to accept what we know not.

United in efforts to research and work together, we can make a difference and reach that understanding of what life truly feels like when you live it.

Its origins we will discover.

Let us heal those that come into our homes with knowledge and love, give them a great experience. That is how we discovered the secrets to wisdom.

We do not know who any of our visitors may be tomorrow.

But, just the sheer courage to smile and welcome life, in love, peace and joy this world will live.

Whom we meet, a new lesson they hold within. A feeling of unity every lifeform comes with.

Welcome all who have questions, your opinion is not the answer but an idea on how to get to one for the next person to share. You, like I, carry an idea on how to get the answers. Share your experiences as they are information towards our evolution.

Our education is life itself and we study its theory through our scriptures. We are both teachers and students, We discover, record and share the the same knowledge.

As we jot down our past through practicals we call experience, a lesson for tomorrow we prepare.

Water a dying plant, for love is all I ask of you and that I have to offer. 

The wars have dried up the lands, tears have run out and greed has blinded the purest purpose of mankind's existence.

Why are you fighting each other in the first place?

This world is not only yours, I dare you to clean your own water, build an aircraft and invent your own technology. Do you even know how to mine your own steel and aluminium, never mind creating the tools to do so?

History needs no correction, our next step does and now is the only time we have to make that choice.

All life on earth depends on us, the human race. This unhappiness on earth is in all truth our business and a business needs a passionate team to reach any goal or achievement.

What was a shop without consumers or earth without life.

We each have a part to play so let us have fun together, living with each other, for each other and forever by each others side.

Awaken the heart of mankind, it speaks one language and that is, "hold my hand and move forward with me, hug a stranger and a foundation of peace you'll have".

That's a lesson every child learns to know their parents.

Mother nature gave us life and old she is now, it's our turn to give back.

A seed of life this world planted, do not take its breath away by leaving it dry and covered with your creations. 

Water a dying plant.

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