Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Finding happy endings together

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Finding happy endings together


It is as it seems like a rare beginning with one entrance and one exit. The life we lead is but a dose of reality.

The entrance: Birth

And indeed that love - hate relationship between life and it's chosen exit: Death

Are you ready to meet another lifeform or are you still in Death form ?

Is mankind willing to help each other ? Here is how I send you my willingness for your will to live, I possess too you know.

Still creating wars I see, training each other to kill each other, and how dare you kill in the name of your Gods, what God wants us to die for land that belongs to all.

To save your country, you say, a victory that needed nothing but a mere communication, interpretation and understanding of how life is lived.

Why is your own information, created by you yet misunderstood by the creator ?

That world does exist you know, yes I said it, "You Know" and you've felt it from birth to this very moment.

It is the fear of being your heart, sharing a place in your mind and releasing your soul's imagination.

We've imagined a peaceful day in our minds and our hearts feel it getting closer.

An awareness of life is power, it is the understanding of, "You're not the only one with a heart".

Souls like the one I am, utter the word Love in its entirety and feel it's meaning.

Don't run away from me, we as humans have learnt how to walk together and to talk together, I am walking towards your heart as you read my soul's fortune.

Words can eliminate great wars, putting an end to violent era's and giving the next generation a lesson learnt, like a child getting back up after falling, we can try again.

Love is Life and Life is Love.

Why wait for a hero when you are one, you can save the world by just loving the life you live with us on Mother Earth.

She gave birth to all life on earth from the greens to the heartbeats.

Help me, Save my soul and join my team of open spirits,

We are, Love and Life,

Finding happy endings together.

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