Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Like a leaf that falls from a tree

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Like a leaf that falls from a tree


Like a leaf that falls from a tree my tears come down. A cry without sound, my silent pain delivers a journey that goes but only one way.

I beg for your heart,

to live with every lifeform and experience the pure feeling of Love in Life.

Awaken my heart, mind and body to a conscious level, a level that humanity is yet to receive, understand and accept.

How did we lose the key to all acceptance and lock our hearts in cages created by our thoughts?

The key to this caged acceptance in mankind is but a thought away, one that views all as one, studies the past to write the present moment and understands the importance information.

The history which we have in motion is a lesson for the next generation.

Life's true purpose is to live and Death's true purpose is to inspire. Life and Death make that perfect couple,

Live to inspire and a pure and rare kind of love you will discover and share with all life.

Love is the reason we want to live.

We have no anger and hatred is not the cause of death but the misunderstanding of information, with Love being an antidote that holds all as one until death do us apart.

To deny death I beg my heart not to, for I need that inspirational to live.

Like a leaf that lets go, one last breath I will take when my time arrives, a new generation of leafs will come in the near season, and alive this tree will seem again.

Let every lifeform live like a leaf that has fallen yet never goes to waste, it gives back to that natural birth of life, it is food for the tree and greens.

Bury I without a coffin nor with clothing upon this body, I come without and I ask to leave without.

All belongs to no one but this one world, we are all nothing but it's created, cells which evolve through time.

A wise human once said, "I appreciate honesty over everything. If you tell me what it is upfront and give me the option to take it or leave it, I respect that."

Humans create their own information, all knowledge and skills are created by mankind.

We create our beliefs, laws, terms and conditions and all the rules that sugarcoat the true nature of this life.

Will we ever (Think) like a cactus surviving the desert and live like a blade of grass in the ever green pastures?

We are human and earth is our only home for now, yet like the cactus, we choose not to unite and stay green all year round.

We remain lonely, a planet in a galaxy. The rest is well, could have been history.

We are natural and we are all a part of nature.

Wake your hell up so your heaven can be seen.

You created it.

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