Friday, 24 May 2013


The greed of the 21st century
Upon humanity seen, near and far
Financial institutions fallen
Corporations shaken
Greed taken hold of human souls

Greed, too much for a few
The middle falling out,
The bottom melting to sunder
Greed, taking a hold of humanity
Boldly, greater and greater
The system is waning

Greed, in nations of the world
People with much, look away,
People with the least nourishment
Paying more and more
Will someone help to arrest
The cause of greed?
Will the greedy give something back?

Raise your voices not only to
Joyful encounters, stand up
Be counted with those who
Painfully goes to bed, hungry,
Wake up in despair,
Lend a hand, you who have much,
Help to eradicate greed!
One world humanity lives,
Your time to help is now!

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