Tuesday, 7 May 2013

By Mathiba Len Molefe

Do you know

Do you know why it is I grow cold

Why it is I'm afraid to grow old

And why my truth was never told

Do you know the true nature of my soul

Do you know why without you I'm not whole

And why by your side I call home

Do you know what images run through my mind

Do you know why your facade is so sublime

And why perfection lies in every line

Do you know the path I walk to what I seek

Do you know why it is that I'm so bleak

And why my world is at your feet

Do you know the words of which I ache to hear

Do you know why the future's so unclear

The truth is that I need you near

Do you know why it is I feel this way

Do you know why it is I'm blown away

And what it is that I can't say...

Do you know the name that's written on my heart

Do you know why it is it's torn apart

Putting it together, where to start

Do you know of all the questions in my mind

All of the answers that I just can't find

And what it is I left behind

Do you know the endless beauty that I see

My entity is stirred by your physique

Your curves enough to make me weak

Do you know the person lurking in my dreams

Know enough to tell me what it means

The truth is seldom what it seems

Do you know why my eyes trace lines upon your hips

Why my being aches to taste your lips

And be caressed by your finger tips

Do you know why it's bittersweet when you walk away

I'm glad I get to see your hips sway

But sad it's for the last time today

Do you know how hard it is to be at rest

Know how hard it beats within my chest

How hard it is to say the rest

My heart and soul are all a mess

Do you know how hard it is for me to live like this

Knowing that I am oh so close to bliss

But knowing something is amiss

Do you know of any words that can portray

What it is that I've been tryin to say

Something to end the games we play

Do you know I've only got myself to blame

Self inflicted pain is such a shame

But I can't help but feel this way

So do you know that Love's a dangerous game

know its one that we all have to play.

There's no place that we'll be safe

And Do you know your vision's an addiction

There is no rehab there is no prescription

To set me free from this affliction

Do you know Reality is that I do not know

The laws that cause this crazy love to grow

The laws of foolishness and hope.
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