Monday, 16 September 2013



by Kayla Heinze

Follow those who make you strong,
And help those who make you weak.
Be a leader for the broken..
And a fighter for the sick.

Go amongst the ones who are alone
For they have no place to go...
Show them the direction they need to go.
Help them to never stay broken..
And reach out to the unspoken!

There are people who need more than just a smile..
They need a prayer and a good acknowledgement of there existence!
Not showing any sign of resistance.
God tells us to love each-other as neighbors
How?? Don't judge for one, because God will judge you
And don't close the door.

You're needed on this world, a meaning that's different from others
Let your light shine! Don't dwell under the covers.
God loves you no matter the troubles you have or are still going though!   
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