Friday, 13 September 2013

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

By Mathiba Len Molefe

Ramblings of a dishevelled youth

I try to rearrange my life but it persists to resist

I try to find a new direction, I aimed and I missed

I try to tell myself the truth but my tongue is atwist

I try to tame my mind but it replies with a fist

I tried and tried to find the line that ties body and soul

But each, it seems, have their own dreams and have their own goals

Time and time again I tried to unify those independent wholes

But one and one make one and one not a two to behold

The truth is you and who you choose to be with may never be

The eyes of blind and tired men you’ll find may never see

The words you curse this earthly scourge which you may never speak

The hurt that purges peace of mind urges vengeance sweet

In time you’ll come to know that those you’re close to, too drift away

And lines that lead you to your calling may too lead you astray

As you sift through endless tomes of notes trying to recollect what may

Or may not spell the end to your suffering, end to your torment, end to disarray

I pray that someday what people say about time healing all comes true

I hope that I cope and set aside this rope till the pain is through

I hope your hand will reach to the depths from which I reach to you

I hope your mind welcomes the lessons that life and time will preach to you

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