Thursday, 3 October 2013

One of these mornings I will wake up

One of these mornings I will wake up

How many years have I been asleep for, I still do the same things as I've being doing since I was 17 when will life’s alarm go off, lord please help, I am trapped in my own bed time story where there are no problems.

People around me keep saying, I live a glorious life but how can I why do they say such why can’t they see the pain I live with I speak in many ways to make them understand the hurt my soul discovers throughout this journey it choose to live within this lifetime oh lord please it is but just my heart says otherwise.

I want to awake now my world has come to a point of understandable clues towards my dying days or moment whichever comes first.

I have not yet seen the answers but I will open my heart an let my soul see, will guide my mind to a peaceful paradise, I have now seen who I am here to save it is my duty and mission to complete, this battle is mine.

I will not surrender to the strong I will not give up on those who quit, will love those who hate, I will cry the tears of for those who hurt, please lord I say this for you are the only one listen I have said it to the next person but they only just heard me

One of these mornings I will wake up

Mistakes I have made, I must admit but were they really mistakes if they turned me into the person I am today and I believe in this thing called life, in my world life is not what I want nor need, it is the moment in time I seem to be experiencing, at this present time as I lay these words coming from lord knows where?, A part of humanity that one will for ever cherish maybe?

I live a life of greatness one that most want, I know that because everyone wants to be where I am FREE…………FREE to speak my mind holding back is not within  me I seem to make people listen to me why do they think I have all the answers for all their problems

I see my own problems but unlike everyone else who hides theirs I speak up I ask for the help I need for whatever it is that I want see in my world there's no stupid answers nor questions for we all don't know everything and we’ll all die without knowing it all.

I hope that one day I will have some kind of answers to who I am and why I was sent to this world or maybe just maybe why I made the choice of coming to this world, I love the fact that we all looking for the same thing living in one world we are but separated we remain.

This is not your world I is our world, it should not be he or she it should be we, oh boy the day that comes when WE walk with us in mind when one becomes all when life is a journey to help our fellow humans.
One of these mornings I will wake up

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