Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love is me

Love is me
Just one more time I will breathe again there will never be a human like me and that is why I will speak my mind.

There will forever miss me for I am the one that was chosen to speak up, I hold the key to peace, love and happiness. My path is forever going for the end with tears of joy. I am the one.

Just one more time I am going to see the answers you seek and give you the feeling you search for (Love), yes that’s the one there shall never be a day in your life that will go past with you know that I LOVE you for my heart was made for that reason and that reason only.

You have reached your destination so worry no more for I will take over from here, you have found love and it will never leave you, some say never say never but what if I told that this the one moment where you can say NEVER.

The words above come to me like there is something that’s telling me that I am not alone and the more I listen I struggle to remember if someone told me something along those lines or maybe that I read it somewhere but then it hit me I was talking to myself this was me. We all need to let ourselves know that we LOVE ourselves because LOVE IS ME.

Love is me
To know how much you can love we all start by loving who we are well more like the idea of who we think we are as we turn to change or should I say develop into greater beings that who we are today.

Daring to dream of finding who I am is a mission that was and still is made by all those I’ve met. Those I meet and those I am soon to meet. I want to meet the so called bad people and the so called good people, for learning about who I am can merely come from them, not to forget even what we call animals we can learn from them too as humans we are animals too, we breathe the same air, live on one planet and Bleed the same colour.

They we are different but mostly they look at the outside and followed by the inside which to me is not big deal because I do it too, like how else am I supposed to tell who’s who, I do judge because it is how I can tell who I am, I do hide who I am and I don’t know why, I do want the attention because I want everyone to listen to my ideas.

I know what love is and I feel it very day, will no long search for what I have found it so to look farther I shall not

Love is me
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