Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It’s in your face just look deeper ….

It is with these words I show you a path to your inner being. This is how we start to show each other what life truly is, I will love you no matter how different you are for I am not what anyone expected.

Our  world moves in one direction so let’s face it we are all going towards the same ending and there is indeed no way we can run from this one thing called DEATH for it has turned the good hearts that live and left the minds of the lost.

We have to find a way for this is why we all share the same air, need the same water and bleed the same colour, oh how different we are out ide yet inside we are not similar but we are purely one.
Our organs can be shared and so can our blood yet we still think there is no way we can live as one now, as stupid as we are we keep saying one day, well I for one am tired of hoping for one day, what the hell is wrong with you wake the fuck up and see life for fuck sake this is home to all living and to those who fell unnoticed.

I shall no longer look into your soul and ask again for you know what everyone is here for stop searching for what’s in front of you I mean what is good yes that is what it is and you know that the voice inside that answer that question is right so shut the fuck up and start listening to it who the hell do you think you are coming into this world just to build your life, learn from everyone then die without teaching the next person how to live, the same way or even better than yours.

I must say I am not perfect hell I know I have done what others tell me is wrong and I know there is a part of me that would not like do good deeds but I shall persist until we all see a way that can help us be one for this is our world to love.

I wonder at times, why we live with rules if we know what needs to be done to live as free souls and honestly are we really free we know the meaning of the word be because we created this idea of living which we don’t live.

We have taken freedom from each other and turned our backs heading opposite directions not realising that in the end we will all end up in one place in fact we are in one place and we’ll always be in one place so where the hell do you think you’re going with all that good in you and all those ideas that could help one learn how to live for two.

We have stopped listening to the voices inside and we go out chasing others for answers we hold inside. Stop it, hold your breath for a while and try giving us what you think should be done to correct all that we thought was or is the right way.

We value your answers or questions too so don’t be shy to ask for there is only one way I see going forward and that sharing what our hearts hold close.

How about we just help each other for fuck sakes?
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