Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Aquastic | Sea of Azov (Original Mix)

Walking down the street one day thinking to myself, what am I not seeing or missing that everyone out there sees and funny how all the answers that came into my wondering soul was nothing

And that was truly it I saw nothing there was no hate that I saw there was no pain that my body felt anymore, I no longer felt hate towards a single soul and for that I became a blind soul.

For now I was blind I then suddenly went deaf I heard no voices curse, a beat that made me move started playing and this was it, I found what I looking for a song that could show me life a song that opened my eyes not to see you again but to see the melodies faulting through the souls that stand in mist of music

Songs like this are the future of spreading the love for they tell a story with no words needed, you this is me listening to this track as I write this words, I may not know where they come from and who will read them but I hope there truly inspire the art of listening to this song because I AM INSPIRED

By the way you as the reader I love you from one human to the other we need to first start with the heart I always say.

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