Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Warriors Song

The Warriors Song

by Aaron D BOAL

To war we go again,
Deep in the enemies land we begin,
To cast a blow to our foes,
Indeed let us begin!
A war inside each man is bread,
To start the war for bloodshed,
O'! Erring one who has sinned!
To war let us begin!
To wage the battle,
Oh Lord let us begin.

To strike the foe we must mend,
A hero so bold as sin.
Man no more let us begin!
Oh soldier of war let us begin.
Where boys become men,
Friends lost to ones own spear,
Dropped in battle out of fear.
Oh behold the quaking fear!
Let the soldiers carry home wounds too deep to bear.
Beat the shields and call the forces square,
Let us end the night today and pray,
For on the 'morrow we will all be chosen,
To meet our Lord in the heavens.

(supposed to be a warriors song which to carry into battle)

copyright) Aaron D. 7.27.13
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