Thursday, 15 August 2013

“Eish” if only you knew my world

“Eish” if only you knew my world

A rainbow nation we are and South Africa (SA) paints a picture of humanity, with the people from all over having one common thing they possess, a friendly smile that welcomes you. With eleven languages that come with a wide variety of culture, this nation will surely give you an understanding of unity.

When walking through the streets of this beautifully breathe taking country, a path that most people should think of doing or writing it down in their bucket list you say “hi” and the first thing you get is a warm welcoming smile, the kind that helps you feel at home not matter where you are.

I was born in a time where “The Long To Freedom” was still taking baby steps and people where now free to move around and live anywhere they please, well that’s if they could afford it… hahaha “eish”

“Eish” for those who don’t know is a local phrase used by mainly our citizens to express either a moment when they make a mistake, when they see something amazing, or when they remember something and at times even when they can’t remember  it “eish” (where am I going with this) cliché I know…..

During my up bring I had the chance to live with Emma (biological mom) who happened to be a single parent raising three kids Lucky (sister) and Simon (brother), but good lord she fought hard, giving up her dream of becoming a Doctor to being a Domestic worker or Helper if that makes you comfortable.

Mr and Mrs Newby, Mark (dad) and Pia (mom2)…. “eish” ….. My sister and I had the chance to grow in a world where we were blind to race and deaf discrimination against it.

Life to me was and still is a learning process like any other human hence we all learn until we take our last breath. “Eish” hopefully that is not anytime soon

South Africa to me is one of the most unique countries in the world and I am proud to call it my home, I was given a chance to go to schools that most would call posh and got to live and work with people from different walks of life.

I feel in many ways that I as a person who speaks fluent English, SeSotho and although my Zulu slightly stumbles now and then “eish”,that I have a greater view of the new South Africa and as to what needs to be changed.

Living in a land that has everyone smiling back at you and although they don’t have much they are willing to share their last slice of bread with you just so that we can both live and build a brighter future together, has made me wonder why humans say “ put yourself first”

Yes you find those who do but in this country the focus is being friendly, we live as a family and like any house hold we don’t agree in a number of things, we are a growing nation, hence it has only been 19-years since the advent of the democratic dispensation in South Africa.

Our history roars with miss understandings and the mistakes every human make thinking that it is the only way of saving the world or merely for some, it is the greed they can’t seem to let go of, “eish” what a moment it was during those time I’m sure.
We still need help like any other but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are moving forward at a fast pace. “Eish” Let’s face it every country has its own political problems and yes we do too but my country is made to believe in Ubuntu (a Zulu word meaning Humanity)

We have a common father of whom we call Tata (Xhosa for dad or Father) or as some call him Madiba and the rest of the world, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, he is loved by many, oh yes he is loved by many, he is the one man I can live to talk to people about and teach anyone who wants to know more of how a soul gave up his life to help better the future of a nation that was once lost.

Mandela gave a nation answers as to how we can share this mother land, how we can live together and welcome those who want to help correct the misunderstandings that not only South Africa but the world is facing till this day, “A Long Walk To Freedom” he calls it and on behalf of humanity “THANK YOU TATA” Eish what a good soul he has I must say.

Leaning more than a person who lived in an area surrounded by one race, it has never made sense to me as to why some people saw things differently, like say why a child my age would have the same mentality as my biological mother,a cultural mind set, where everything said is taken literally the way you said it, jokes aside but “eish” it turns to be funny at times.

Although we now have most of the youth, well as we call them “Born Frees” moving and shaping this country into is welcoming and eager to learn more from each other type of thing “eish”

In today’s world whether it may be first, second or third, South Africa is there flying our rainbow coloured flag high and mighty, we still need to educate more within the not so fortunate areas but hey wealthier countries have those too.
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