Thursday, 15 August 2013

Midnight In Heaven's Rome

Midnight In Heaven's Rome

by Baby Rainbow

My eyes are dazzled by the
enchanting scenery that now surrounds me.
The dark sky is tinselled with silver stars
and the glowing moon lights up our
midnight in Heaven's Rome.

Oh to feel your warm embrace
just takes my breath away.
The soft clouds beneath our feet
is the sand on our beautiful heaven.

I became so tired of running away
from my inept display of trying
to let you go. My life felt like
an empty hole that swallowed me up
as soon as you were gone.

Are you aware that I visit you often
inside my dreams? We share these
magical moments that connect our
hearts together, just like they
were meant to be.

But as you lean in to press your lips
gently against mine, I am woken
by the screams of next door
which take me on the short journey
back to reality:

The reality of having to let go
of what we used to have,
and what will never be.


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