Monday, 1 July 2013

I'll be a Shore, an ocean or a Sea

by Everlasting

I'll see you when I'll see you,
like I see you today, tomorrow, and
the day after tomorrow.
I will see you even when there's nothing
else to see other than the seeing of
the you's of another day.

I will see you and I will see you
like I see an ocean swaying to a shore
like seagulls pursuing the azure skies,
Or like the sun embracing with warmth the sand.

But I will see you
no matter how or when or why.

I'll simply see you in the nights when the moon or
the stars scintillate memories of your smile.

Or when the rivers of your eyes stream
straight into the ocean of my life, or
when your waterfalls of sadness continue falling
while tearing apart the pain within your heart.
It's soothing melody, cascading sorrows
to the shore of this gal.

But I will see you in the splendor of the moon,
and every-night, you'll be a reflection of its light.
Everyday, you'll be the rapid currents
fluctuating in my mind,
And believe me, I will see you, sweetheart, because

I'll be

a shore, an ocean or a sea,
whatever you want me to be,

Even a Sky.

Written: Lucero L.

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