Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tomorrow will be to late

Tomorrow will be to late. (dedicated to a friend passing.)

by Tori

Tomorrow will be too late,
I wish it wasn't so,
I guess that's just fate,
And how unfair life can go...

I'll hold our yesterdays tight,
No one can take those away,
I'd put up a hell of a fight,
If God could of let you stay.

Why did you go like this?
You were so rare to find...
I hope you know, YOU, I miss...
And our memories replay in my mind.

Oh the number of dimes,
That I would have...it seems,
If I counted all the times,
I've wished this was just a bad dream...

Unfortunately, I'm not at sleep,
And this is all very much real..
Only memories I have to keep,
And the pain, from losing you, that I feel.

I've learned now to always expect,
That tomorrow may not be here,
Each words.. Spoke can have an affect,
So hold those close that are most dear.

But tomorrow is too late,
And oh, God how I wish that wasn't so...
My guess is only fate...
And how unfair life can go...

So I hold our memories so tight,

No one can take that away,
Know that, I'd put up one hell of a fight...
To have God grant you one more day.

rip Garrett Viccaro 4-1-13   
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