Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A wise man is someone whose advice is listened to

«A wise man is someone whose words other people listen to»
Many times we’ve heard the definition “wise man”. Such people are usually treated with a lot of respect, and rightfully so. In order to gain wisdom a rich life experience is needed. A person learns lessons that arise from different situations and becomes wiser.
solomon1Some people confuse the notions of «wise» and «smart». It might seem at first that these two words are indeed very close. However, there is a considerable difference between them. In order to comprehend it we need to clearly understand what “smart” means.
A smart person is someone who knows a lot. He reads a lot of books and other literature that allow him to broaden his mind and gain new knowledge in a particular field. Such people can become good scientists or teachers, finding a place in a domain where their knowledge is needed.
A wise man might not necessarily be smart in the traditional sense of the word. Wiseness implies knowledge gained throught our entire life. This isn’t encyclopedic knowledge that often has no practical foundation. This is experience and knowledge, gained from various life situations. More often than not wisdom comes with age, because people accumulate the necessary knowledge only after tripping and stumbling over many times during their life.
Therefore, one could say that smartness is education, while wisdom is life experience. This means that a smart person knows how to get out difficult situations, while a wise man doesn’t get into them. This is the difference between these two characteristics.
A smart people can shower you with advice that’s based on knowledge gained from books and so on, but it is only the wise man’s words that you should listen to. This way you’ll get specific knowledge on how to get out of a situation and be sure that the advice given to you will surely be useful and helpful.
By listening to a wise man’s advice you’ll get invaluable life experience and, apart from that, save time by not making mistakes. A wise man, unlike a smart man, will be able to help you in any domain of human life. He knows the answers to all the questions. He is equally well-versed in the field of spiritual laws as well as the laws of the material world. All this allows him to help those who address him for advice to avoid unnecessary mistakes and disappointments.
We’ve all heard about wise old men who live far from the bustle of our world and dedicate their life to self-contemplation and self-perfection. Their rich life experience allows them to give correct judgment about what’s going on and therefore help those who come to them for advice. Many of these wise men aren’t educated or smart – they’re just endowed with knowledge about life and its laws.
Hundreds of persons come to people like these, wanting to resolve difficult situations that appear in their life. They are ready to cover great distances in order to hear a wise man’s advice. Talking to them can literally turn a man’s view of the world and make him see things in a different life. This is what a wise man’s advice should achieve. He not only resolves a certain situation, but also contributes to the spiritual development of the person who came to him for advice.
It should be said that wise men can also be met in usual life as well. They usually distinguish themselves by never showing off their wisdom and trying to be clever. They only give advice when they are asked for it. Listen to such people – they know what they speak of. By using their advice in life you’ll make sure that wisdom is the greatest gift that allows you to correctly construct your life.
Do you think that a wise man’s advice is worth listening to? Or do you think that it’s better to use the knowledge of a smart man? We’re interested to hear your opinion. 
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