Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Jenni Marie

Embers flare, molding together and creating new memories.
Embers which were slowly dying; rekindled because of you.

I was never good with similies, for they always
ended as cliche. And metaphors? I'd rather sit and
watch the grass grow, as they are something I've
never managed to handle all that well,
instead they just confuse me and leave me
sat pondering in frustration.

So instead, I wont attempt to write a masterpiece
- but merely say what's in my heart.

A heart that only a short time ago was rusting
in glass pieces on the floor where it had been
carelessly left, disregarded and unwanted;
with blood-red tears forming in a puddle
and suffocating it.

Only now, it's dusting itself down
and returning home, whole once again.
-Because of you.

And I wonder, I wonder...

If all hearts have a home, somewhere,
I wonder... if mine is with yours.

And I'm ready to find out because once again
you saved me. You saved me from myself, from my fears
my desperation, and the countless tears shed, and now;
now you saved my heart too. You're holding it in your hands
so I ask you: Be careful with it, and let me discover

if it's home is with you.   
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