Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Anyone can see the love you killed is killing me

Anyone can see the love you killed is killing me 

by Cotton Candy Clouds

*dedicated to Brandon you broke my heart and now your with her...i hope your happy...

I guess i made a lot of mistakes
and im to blame for this heart break.
I start to reminisce
and i realize i should have expected this.

For those two years
when you had taken away all my fears,
now i find that you i will never hold
and that your heart is just cold.

Its stuck in my mind
that now i wasted all this time.
I will never feel the same
because i now i will have to bear all this pain
of those feelings i have that will never change.

I will forever cry
about that cruel goodbye
everything just feels so wrong
now that your gone.

I know that i will never get better
and that i will love you forever,
but i just need to say
that i think its best that you stay away.

I will always care
and keep you in my prayers,
but i can never go back
to you and thats a fact.

I will have to go through life
putting up with this never ending fight.
Please never call my phone
i want you to leave me alone.

I'm trying to pick my self up from how you left me
and thats why you just have to let me be.
I'm hoping that time will put out this flame
and help me forget your name,
because to you this was all just a game.

Well, all i can say is that you played your cards right
because i cry for you every night.

(this poem is a very personal poem...and i would really appreciate your votes/comments thanks )

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