Monday, 1 July 2013

Clamoring You

Clamoring You

by Yakori Mohammed


Unwrapping your sheet, my crave for
your bitter sweetness blossoms to an
addiction hence I stare lustfully at you.

Taking a bite, it melts in the warmth
of my mouth, stirring tingles of
sensuality buried in my core.

Swirling in me, its smoothness gets me
to revel in its power to enthrall my
senses, loosening my defensive knots.

So creamy it rouses my yearn to
indulge more of its taste, endeared to
you like my crush, I blush shyly.

Together we entwine inadvertently
making love in waves, inducing a moan
you'll aways remain my aphrodisiac, lindt chocolate.


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