Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What is friendship?

ДружбаEach of us has pondered over the question “What Is friendship?” Friendship is, first of all, unselfish relations. They are based on trust, sincerity, love and mutual sympathy. Another key to a strong friendship are mutual interests and hobbies.
But what is true friendship? The majority of people who consider to be our friends are really just our acquaintances. These are the people that we single out in the society surrounding us. We know about their cares and problems, and sometimes we come to them for help or gladly help them in difficult times. It would seem that these are excellent relations, but complete honesty is still not present. We don’t en trust them our innermost thoughts. If we’re successful they aren’t as happy for us as they are for themselves. But can this be called true friendship?
The status of friendship can be attributed only to honest and open relations, when they include a mutual feeling of kindness and readiness to selflessly help at any minute. Intimacy is also considered to be quite important in friendship.
As with love and the meaning of life, you can talk about friendship without end… You can observe it, but few of us get to experience it. A true friend allows us to accept the person as he is, without trying to adjust him to himself.
In order to live happily a person needs true friendship that would be based on respect and reliability of each other.
I would also like to point out the fallacy of those who say that friendship that existed in the past no longer exists in the modern world. The world will always be full of people who will constantly bring us joy.Value your friends, they’re wonderful people! They will be by your side throughout your whole life!
The main thing is to remember that if you want to have a true friend, you too need to treat him with love and sincerity.
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