Tuesday, 2 July 2013



by AngelDust

Memories are resurfacing
Mostly small.
They follow me everywhere
Hot tears fall.

They scar my cheeks
Your loss has blackened my heart.
Bruised, grazed,
Utterly torn about.

Crumbling like ashes
Laughter melts away.
Chained, ravished
I missed your final day.

There's guilt, anger
That scrapes and burns.
Shaken, bewildered
The thoughts in me churn.

Marked, sickened
Hear my agonizing screams.
Pathetic, disgusted
I hide you in my dreams.

Terrified, lost
It's only you I need.
Exhausted, destroyed
Come to me, I plead.

Comatose, bleeding
I silently wonder why.
I sob in erupting anguish
Because you had to die.

Reaching, slipping,
Please, can you come home?
Because when I'm without you,
I'm empty, almost numb..


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