Monday, 1 July 2013


by Meme

Before love came, she already
knew that its arrival would
sentence her for life to him
but she welcomed it all .. even
her imprisonment, believing him
to be the first one .. and the last!

Because he made a vow to always
return and knock on the doors of
her heart; needless of that she gave
him a key, the only key she ever had.

With her love she resuscitated
the remains of everything that
was beautiful within him, and
his love planted roses soon to
be pulled away. He left her with
the thorns piercing every inch
of her soul.

She continued to survive on
lockdown while he wandered
awaiting for a new occurrence
of love to appear on his way.
And in her final plead she had
asked him to either condemn
or condone her, and begged him
not to sit on the fence and
pretend as if nothing happened.

Until this day..
He is still wondering why love
never came again; but it was
always there in the first place.
Somewhere in his heart; in a
place he kept refusing to visit.

© Copyright 2013 by: gIrL
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