Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How you see you your second half

                           To love is to find pleasure
in the happiness of others.
                                                                                                                                    Gottfried Leibniz
 It’s regrettable that most people have trouble with finding their second half. Some don’t know where to look, while others don’t quite know what kind of person their significant other has to be. If you want your searches to bring results you need to know exactly several criteria. This will help you choose your second half. You have to know exactly how you see your fate. Your loved one has to be and do the following:
1350922329_ldnkkhdnm567Remain your loved one under any circumstances. This means «in rich and in poor, in sickness and in health…», so your partner willlove and support you in all of your life’s situations, even if you’ve lost your job or have become bedridden. This means that no changes should affect the sincerity of your relations.
Change you for the better. In other wordswanting to develop and to become better and perfect your personality for her/him.  This is a very important criterion, because it can even inspire someone to do great deeds. For example, there are people who want their partner to constantly inspire them. You can become someone’s muse – the reason for someone writing a beautiful poem or a wonderful musical piece.
Find a common language with parents and friends. This is a very important point when choosing your second half. If your loved one freely communicates with your family members, then it’s for the better of everyone, not just you. Very often relationships start breaking up because of family conflicts. That’s why this factor is tremendously important.
Remain attractive to you. This is also a very important quality that your loved one needs to possess. An appearance that suits your taste is mandatory for your partner. It’s no wonder there’s a popular opinion that sometimes a person falls in love with the exterior appearance.
Spiritual beauty. The profundity of your second half’s inner world will also be of great importance to you. This means the person has to be multi-faceted. This can include intellectual abilities, as well askindness, sincerity, cordiality and the ability to forgive.
Makes you more confident. Of course your second half should always remind you that you’re the best. This means the ability to instill hope that you’re up for any task. Besides that, if your partner commends and supports you you feel the strength to accomplish many things. This way you understand how loved you really are.
All these important qualities of your second half are impossible without one crucial moment. If you want your loved one to possess them you have to be right for your loved one.  You too have to be a multi-faceted person with a rich inner world. Only then will you find true love.
If you don’t possess these qualities but you want your partner to have them, then your relationship won’t go anywhere. It won’t be harmonious love, which means that soon enough it will start falling apart…
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