Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wars inside

by Alexis Anderson

Yet again I'm alone dealing with all things unknown to you.
I'm raging wars on myself for things
I've done things I should've done.
And things I should have said.
There is no way to get past all this.
I will however go through each day as if there is nothing wrong everything is perfect.
I'm going to smile even if I wanna cry and ill get angry because you won't just leave me be.
I don't know another way.
Explaining to you would prove far worse then bottling my emotions.
So I live in silence and watch as I tear my self up inside.
For all things lost I've givin up far too much I've been through way
To much to be pushed away to be pried open.
I'm happy with myself I don't hate myself I hate decisions I make and don't make I hate my self for not acting when I should.
I've got one shot to prove it and I will with a smile and a laugh
You will never know my pain. :)
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