Friday, 28 June 2013

How Love Struck Me

by Hurtingsoul

I remember it was cold that particular day
I could feel Goosebumps cover my arm
As a striking sensation swept my body
A feeling overwhelmed my soul

I didn't understand that feeling
It was but a foreign concept to my heart
Like being showered by feathery touches
And thrown into the sky without wings

I slowly felt a tremendous fear overtake me
Such a strange reaction to this emotion
If only I knew what that emotion actually was
If only I had listened to my fear,
My warning

But I was stubborn with distaste to weakness
And fear was weakness or so I thought
So I reveled in the feeling and let it take over
It clouded my mind,
Unleashed my heart,
Took my soul

And that,
that was the biggest mistake
Because sadly that feeling,
That emotion
It was love,
I felt love ,
and I was consumed

And it was the end of me.
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