Friday, 21 June 2013

Thank God I have Lost You

by Neme juste un jouet

I would rip out these vocal cords that allow me to sing,
I would cripple these hands that create art,
I would puncture these ears that do hear sound,
I would blind my eyes that enjoy the beauty of it all!
I would take every inch of my soul,
every beat of my heart,
and trade it all -
If only I could finally feel the hands
upon my throat
that love me enough to make this
fade away.
To make this red
turn to gray.
Take this from me now,
my imprisonment within the cage
with no bars,
take this key
and unlock the door that is already ajar.
Choke me on my passion,
poison me within the first and last!
I would cut my hair jagged,
work my skin raw
trying to erase them from the surface,
if it meant finding someone I can tell
my dirty little secrets.
Love me,
or get lost.
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