Friday, 28 June 2013

Remember how to love me

by Chica poética

I can't remember how I felt about you now
I know I cared and I try to rememebr but I don't know how
it is like trying to describe the taste of water
or wondering if the day can get any hotter
It is like trying to remember someone you never knew
that's what it is like trying to remember you
It is like a blind man trying to remeber how to see
It's like you trying to remember how to love me
It's like a mute person trying to sing
It's like an angel trying to get her wings
and now I have to see you every day
and when you talk I won't know what to say
how can you act like you never hurt me
how can you just be so blind not to see
I just don't understand after all you've put me through
how you could think I'd even want to speak to you
but that is ok I'll be alright
one thing I will never forget is our fight
I'm sorry I don't know how to feel the way I once did
but that is how it is when who you really are was hid.
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