Thursday, 20 June 2013

Parents Just Don't Understand

by Live WeLL

Sitting at the dinner table, they ask you about your day.
You start complaining on and on how nothing goes your way.
Your friends are everything but true and you feel all alone.
You know it's time to make a move but you fear what's unknown.

You haven't smiled for a while and everything seems wrong.
You haven't felt quite like yourself in what feels like so long.
On and on you spill your tears in hopes of some advice,
But all they seem to have to say are words that won't suffice.

"Oh please get over it, you'll be fine, you're such a drama queen,
Exaggerating every problem because you're just a teen."
You walk away and hear them laugh behind your troubled back
Not knowing that you really need help getting back on track.

They think your life's as simple as deciding black or white,
Not knowing it's the grays between that keep you up at night.
Your simple wish you hope to grant is to make them care,
To guide you through when in need and always have them there.

They think we have it easy in this new age world we're in,
but yet they never take the time to step where we have been.
They always think they're always right because they're in command,
But when will parents realize that they just don't understand?

3/11/08 Copyright Live Well.
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