Monday, 10 June 2013

Inside the Screaming Room

by Healing Kate

All of my attempts to be kind, sweet, affectionate toward someone
turn out to be more of a failure on my part, the other not comprehending.
Trying to express care through a broken and bleeding heart is tough;
Sometimes words don't fill the void of misunderstanding, but I try.
Yet it seems to end in the same tone each time: rejection.

Maybe it's never on purpose or maybe my words sound too soft.
I wish to scream to the high heavens of the care and trust I possess,
yet, by doing so, I would scare away the one I fear losing.
Knowing the one thing that draws me closer may cause a drift.
I put a lock on the feeling's door and fights to hold the caving gateway.

I'm terrified to express true emotion because it brings destruction.
I've ruined friendships by holding more than that in my heart,
for telling them the ways of which they make this old heart feel.
I bring upon my own annihilation and with you, I cannot bear it.
So I hide within the room of screaming feelings, taming as best as I can.
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