Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Love is like music

by Raymond sawyer

To dance with the music is like falling in love but yet when one dance to the music is like dancing with your true love thus music fill once heart with happiness and love.

To see a warm smile for your heart is being fill with love yet your heart is like a open door love is like music for your every birds will sing of love for every sweet smile is love.

Love is like music to hear one say i love you to say i love you is music to your heart yet your true love look into your eyes for what he see is the flame of love for every touch of your love fill a empty heart.

To dream for in your dream what do your heart feel yet your eyes have a twinkle for your true love shall sing a sweet love song for a tear shall fall thus for every tear that fall is the tear of love.

For the voice you hear in your dream is the voice of your true love for he is singing a special love song for the heart that cry for love yet love is like music to your heart for every beat of your heart shall be the beat of love.   
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