Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hell Lucifer Awaits You

by Roseanne

it makes people scared,
It will drag you down into a corner
A dark shadow can cover you,
Then take you away
You scream but no one listens,
Your nails hurt and scrape one the floor
You smell of Blood
The devil with you wants to explore,
You scream go away
dry away my tears
hide my fears,

No one can help you
as they cant hear your screams,
All you know is hurt and burns
To feel like this you do deserve,

There is no hope
You want to escape,
No life for you,
Your soul has being taken away
it wasn't by an angel,
But by the devil himself
You caused harm to other people
You've done bad things,
Your in Hell,
Their Lucifer will await you,
Your soul is being tortured
Then striped bare,
The lid is being closed
on that dark hole down their.

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