Friday, 21 June 2013

Worn out souls

by Muneezah

(This poem is about drugs - My experience.)

Inhale, Exhale.

Let go, Be free.

I look around and observe

Wounded souls locked in an icy embrace

Whispering sweet nothings to each other

Thirsty for acceptance

Thirsty to be loved

Exhausted, Defeated,

They laugh at life's cruelty.

A laugh that never fully engages

any sort of inner joy.

And tonight, I join them.

I taste the devil's tears

Drink from his soul

Sweetly surrender to the dancing shadows of insanity

And suddenly this tormented world looks so beautiful

I am thrilled with excitement at the sight of these

beautiful faces

Enthralled by the sight of these mesmerizing colours

Sweating profusely, my clothes are limp with


The dim lights, the melodies, the many colours

All become part of me.

And pain is alien and forgotten

My once vacant eyes are now full of life and colour

The night is warmer

The heart is content

And every touch is intimate

And as I get lost in the dance of happiness

I feel his stare upon me

A pair of eyes I used to know

They are piercing blue as ever

Eyes that can take in the horizon with one glance,

missing nothing.

His hair, a pale honey colour,

Soft like an animal's fur.

Under his spell again,

My eyes reveal the sad truth

He knows. I know. We know.

How I long to pull him closer

Run my hands through his soft wild hair

Wrap my legs around his waist

Softly kiss my way down his neck

Surrender myself to him

Devour him with my tongue and lips

He knows. I know. We know.

His presence still lingers within my heart

Torturing me sweetly every day.

My almond eyes reveal a sad tale

of how we used to greedily drink the wine of our

lusts every night

How our bodies would move in harmony

Sense of time - gone, forgotten.

He brings me back to the present

By flicking a lighter

Puffing on his cigarette

Ejecting a dense cloud of smoke.

The smell of it brings back late nights in a fog

Of drink, laughter and intimacy we once shared.

And as I silently admire him with my gaze,

His sweet beloved comes from behind

planting a soft kiss upon his lips

She is petite in stature,

With Cupid bow lips,

and lavender blue eyes that shine with life and


I suddenly feel the cold stinging my face

And so I walk away.

There is a wintry sadness within my heart.

And as I sway to the rhythm,

I see them walking hand in hand towards the shining


like a pair walking towards the sunset

'It's beautiful' I whisper softly to myself

'My dear, My lover, My friend...tonight, I let you

go...' from my cracking lips I whisper

And as the darkness begins to fade away,

The early morning,

The dreary horizon,

Brings with it

the sorrow that was once forgotten

Chaining souls back to the prison of reality

It hurts when the light hits the skin

And as the day goes by,

A little part of me dies

So here I am again, wandering aimlessly on a path

that leads to nowhere.
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