Friday, 7 June 2013

You are to blame...

by Rolo

You are the cause
You are my pain
You are the reason
I'm going insane

I hate you dearly
My soul will ache
As long as I know
That you're awake

You've made me weak
You forced me to lie
You are the reason
Why I still cry

You've ruined my life
It's all your fault
I cannot escape
Your deadly assault

I'm haunted by you
And your twisted soul
Your hate stricken mind
holds a selfish control

I wish for your death
To be painful and slow
I wish for the day
You go down below

I want you to suffer
For all that you've done
My sadness was born
The day you begun

Everything you know
Everything you touch
has been destroyed
By your evil clutch

I place this on you
This is your blame
There's no one else
This is your shame

You deserve the worst
May you never be free
At least I'm not selfish
Because you are me....
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