Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Your Love Is My Music

by Linkhorizon

My heart dances when you lay with me in bed;
Resisting sleep, time will not devour us,
Waiting for the melody of your breath;
sweet and comfort in my ear buds.

My eyes paint on an open canvas;
Dreams like a jukebox, picking tracks;
Memories play in my conscious;
Rewinding all the best times we've had.

Scratching the surface like a mixer;
Stirring up my emotions with your fingers,
Thumping beats draw me closer;
Rhythm of feelings deeper than rivers.

Day and night, mellow in transition,
You and me, our lives unfold new verses,
Pen and paper, words flow in unison;
Your the reason for my lyrics.

Your beauty is the adjective in my world,
Your love is the verb that moves me,
Your the satellite transmitting images impearled;
The wave of your voice like liquid body.

Singing pop songs under a sweetgum tree,
Ripening as we age over afternoon teas;
Pour me sugar and I'll write you poetry,
Striving to keep you happy will never cease

Download my love, tune into my rhymes,
You'll be the stage and I your theater,
I promise to be the spotlight in your life-
Strong, focused and always your believer.   
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