Monday, 10 June 2013


by Crystaljean88

It took me so long, to find a friendship so dear.
If it wasnt for you, my life, I would fear.
I dont think you realized, what you've done for me.
Helping me in many ways, making me believe.
The many days, with no shoulder to lean on.
Everywhere I looked, everyone was gone.
Then came the day, that I met you.
Staying close together, our problems, we make it through.
When you need a hand, you know im here.
We have something special, to eveyone thats clear.
The special things we do, with just the two of us.
Many people disslike us together, they're making such a fuss.
I wont let you go, as you will do the same.
For the love that we share, I will show no shame.
Your my special someone, that I won't betray.
Thanking god, for your in my life today.

I dedicate this song to my very best guy friend bobby..he is such an amazing friend. i want to show him this poem but i dont think its a good piece
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