Friday, 28 June 2013

What Is Love?

by Anonymous Me

I have yet to find this true love
Can you tell me what it is made of?
What it tastes like,
What it feels like.
This world seems so dark and gray
And the colors of love seems stowed away.
A recipe forgotten
Never written down.
I want to know what it feels like,
To be held by an angel
With wings that wrap around you
And protect you from sadness.
I want to know that kiss
That they sing about.
The one that takes your breath away.
the one that makes you fly.
I want to know that look he gets
When you look into his eyes.
The one where you get lost in.
The one where you float in.
The one where you swim in.
I want to know what true love feels like.
So simple to want
Yet so hard to find.
Am I too young to find out?
Too childish to know?
But maybe,
Just maybe,
I will find Him
And learn to love
Or just...
in love...
Just like the movies.   
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