Thursday, 20 June 2013

Find Me In Heaven

by Tara Kay

Carved out on the park bench is a smile
that I curled for you, despite the sorrow
clambering over my heart.
There's a rainbow hanging
on the lonely oak tree and
on the path there are footsteps leading
home with a twinkle of the rising sun,
and a moonbeam, still cloudless, lights the
forest of wonder so you'll always know
where to find me...

I may not be able to feel your arms around
my shadowy frame but I know they would wrap
themselves with honesty and love
if we were on the same path,
but I'll always feel you,

down by that little stream in the hidden valley,
along the path paved with daisies
and where there's a winter chill on our shoulders,
I'll always follow you to the waterfall
hidden behind a wooden door
and show you the steps I've climbed to heaven
so you'll know where to find me...

© Tara-Kay Randall 9th-10th Feb 2013
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