Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Beautiful Mistake

by Roses Bleed

*This is my mother's story.*
Risen from toddlerhood in a broken home.
A father, a girlfriend, a new stepmother,
A mother, a boyfriend, a twisted man.
Hiding, staying away from him just to keep safe.
The mother blames her for a close call.
The girl survives on her own from the time she was eight.

She's now sixteen,
gets offered a beer.
The alcohol fills the empty in between.
Goes home once a week,
it's just another house.
Then she starts to tweek.
The drugs scramble her mind, make the pain go away.
They make everything better,
Til the end of the day.
Then she's back.

A couple years later, just got out of school.
A boyfriend and her got just a bit too careless.
Everyone convinced her it would be cool,
She gives away the last of her purity.
She takes a test a few months later,
She loses all sense all sense of security.
But she sees that pink plus sign,
It makes her think.
She says "This baby's mine.
"She will always know love,
She's mine until it's time,
Time to give her away.
But she's mine to tell stories to,
Mine to hold,
Mine to love.
Just Mine."

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