Monday, 24 June 2013


by Dakota

Out of the shadows stepped a figure cloaked in darkness.
He said,"come with me for i need your help kind sir."
I took a step toward him and he gave me a wicked grin.
He said,"theres a good boy," and gave a laugh quite heartless.
I took a step back and tried to talk, but my speech was a slur.
It was then that i noticed the odd drip off his chin.
It was blood coming from his two sharpest teeth.
I stood there in the snow, quite imobilized by shock.
This guy had killed something, of that i was sure.
His gums slide up with a sickening slick right into a sheathe,
the last thing i said was," what the fuck?"
there was a body, not four feet away, and it was a her.
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