Wednesday, 19 June 2013


by FiLFY_GorGeZz

Living alone in a world of hatred and pain
in a heart happiness ceases to be contained
evil taking over good,black taking over white
eyes are gourged out from the disturbing sight
a layer of tears over the wretching ground
cries and weeps is the only sound
the sun slowly losing its shine
from the sight of all evil finally combined
everyone living in fright and paranoia
as evil lurks around every corner
the strength of all defeated in disgrace
no longer in the running of this race
no sign of hope to be found
all bliss and laughter has been drowned
the look on the little girls face
fills my heart with disgrace
why am i not standing up?
hy am i not making things right?
where has my bravery and courage gone?
do i want to keep living in this heart ache song?
i will be brave and stand up for whats right!
i will bring back the light
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